The GoPro Dog Harness Gives You a Dog's Eye View

The GoPro Dog Harness Gives You a Dog's Eye View

Ever wonder what the world looked like through your dogโ€™s eyes? Well, now you can get one step closer to seeing what they see thanks to the Fetch mount dog harness for the GoPro camera.


GoPro is a video camera specifically designed to stand up to all you can dish out. Everything from skydiving to white water kayaking is being captured and cataloged thanks to this tiny, durable machine. You can mount it on your head, your skateboard, your car, your chest, and now your dog thanks to the Fetch mount dog harness.


If you are an

outdoorsy person, or just curious about what kinds of trouble your dog gets into, the Fetch mount gives you a chance to pop a camera right on their back (or chest), hit record, and see the world from their point of view.GoPro-Dog-Harness-3

Check out this video to see the special dog harness in action.

Pretty neat, right? And because it is a GoPro, this camera will take whatever kind of beating your dog can give it (

unless they get it into their mouth

-- then all hope is lost!)


So if you want to find a fun new way to share all the excitement of your hikes or games of Frisbee, check out the Fetch dog harness and start maximizing your outdoor enjoyment while saving the memories for years to come.

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