The Five Pet-Friendly Airports That You Will Find In The Us


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Most pet owners hate traveling a lot because they have to leave their canine friends behind. But there are pet-friendly airports that make traveling with pets a real possibility. So forget about calling the kennel to care for your pet while you're away and focus on making holiday plans with your pets. Here are five pet-friendly airports in the US that you can travel through to make your holidays more fun.

  1. Denver International Airport
    This airport not only has pet-exclusive restrooms, but also a special "Jeppesen Terminal" that encourages traveling with pets. With pet relief areas outside of pre-security, and the "Paradise 4 Paws," which is a pet resort within the ground of the airport, there's a lot that your pet can experience while at the Denver International Airport. The resort is practically pooch heaven, with private suites, fitted with flat screen TVs, massage therapy, on-site medical experts, and obedience training sessions.
  2. New Yorkโ€™s JFK Airport
    The fourth Terminal at New York's JFK has its own pet restroom, located in close proximity to human restrooms. This restroom is in the post-security section, so your pet and you can be at ease when waiting for long before take-off. The airport also plans to build a terminal especially for pets, which will encourage people to travel more with their canine and feline friends. The plans suggest that the $48 million projects will have pet boarding, a pet grooming spa, stalls fully hay-lined for horses, and a veterinary clinic.
  3. Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport
    The Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport has several areas within the airport dedicated to pet relief. The pet relief areas are located on both terminals and both pre and post security for the convenience of pet-owning travelers. Further, the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport has a pet boarding facility which operates 24/7. This means that your pets can be pampered while you're busy or away. The pet boarding facility also offers doggy daycare, spa treatments, and training as services apart from regular pet boarding and care.
  4. Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport
    With a 1000 square feet dog park, Hartsfield-Jackson at Atlanta has extensive pet care activities and facilities that you and your pet will enjoy. If you want to access the dog park, you can simply get to the South terminal in the Ground Transportation area. The dog park is completely fenced, so the area is safe for your pets. The dog park also has offered benches and biodegradable waste bags for your pets to comfortably spend their time.
  5. Reno Tahoe Airport
    To please their canine visitors, Reno Tahoe Airport has built not one but two full-fledged dog parks. Their first part, referred to as "Gate K-9 Park," was built in 2004, and their second park came eight years later in 2012. The dog parks have all the basic amenities such as fencing around the boundaries, running water, provisions for clean up, a fire hydrant, and a canopy to protect canines during bad weather.
    When traveling with your pets, ensure that you choose an airport thatโ€™s pet-friendly. You can read more about pet-friendly public spaces on PetPlus.
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