The Five Extremely Quiet Dog Breeds


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Want yourself a dog but donโ€™t want to be the source of agony for your neighbors? If you happen to live in a quiet neighborhood, youโ€™d probably rethink your wish of adopting a dog. You donโ€™t have to. Yes, dogs bark. But some dog breeds make much less noise than other fellow dog breeds. You could bring home one of these and realize your dream of sheltering a dog while keeping your neighbors happy at the same time.

If you want yourself a quiet dog, choose from the following five breeds -

  • Basenji โ€“ Basenjis were bred to be hunting dogs, but you wouldn't be able to tell from how quiet these creatures can be. Don't go by their calm demeanor; these dogs are active and independent. The African breed is often nicknamed "the barkless dog." 
  • Bull-dog โ€“ You can trust a bulldog to be more interested in sleeping its hours away than giving chase to every mouse/squirrel that happens to be in the vicinity. Calm and composed, itโ€™s difficult to get a rise of the bulldog. You can easily trust it to be safe and playful with your children and family.
  • Scottish deerhound โ€“ The Scottish deerhound's dignity won it the title of "the perfect creature in heaven" from littรฉrateur Sir Walter Scott. Calm, elegant, and quiet โ€“ these dogs won't bark unless they absolutely have to!
  • Golden Retriever โ€“ The Golden Retriever is preoccupied with retrieving half itโ€™s time awake, so thereโ€™s not much scope for it to bark and create a ruckus. Well-behaved and polite, a Golden Retriever will make a wonderful companion for a quiet household.
  • Borzoi โ€“ A Borzoi is like a cross between a cat and a dog. It is equal parts laidback and equal parts athletic. Their athleticism makes them perfect hunters. However, they donโ€™t function very well as guard dogs because of their unwillingness to raise up the decibel, even when your house is under threat.

Dogs bark for a reason

Dogs bark to communicate like we, humans, speak. Dogs can bark because of many factors. They may be curious about something; they might want your attention, be bored โ€“ the list goes on. Every dog will bark, some time or the other. If you value your peace and quiet but still want yourself a dog, you need to be careful about the breed you pick. Some dog breeds are louder than others. If you pick the wrong dog breed, you could end up constantly apologizing to house guests, visitors, and neighbors. Don't make that mistake. Use our list shared above to inform you about dog breeds that make for a quiet and content companion.

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