The Facts You Didnโ€™t Know About Catnip

The Facts You Didnโ€™t Know About Catnip

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Catnip is a variety of herb. Its family is the same as mint. The herb has European connotations. It was mistakenly imported to the Americans. The herb became profligate and is now considered one of the most common herbs found in the United States. Catnips can be visually recognized by its oval and toothed shaped leaves. The plant has a faint minty smell. It bears small violet flowers.

Names and uses

Catnip is known by multiple names. The most common among them are catmint, Kitty crack, Cats' plant, and cat cocaine. Among the many uses of the compound, the most common use is to calm a cat when it undertakes a journey trapped in a crate. The plant extract is also found in cats' toys. This will increase the interest quotient of the cat. The feline will be excited to play with its toy. Catnip is also used on scratching posts to increase their use.Catnip is not only used by cats. Humans have benefited from the compound as well. It has been mixed with teas and herbal cigarettes. The herb also finds frequent use in cooking. It is also somewhat hallucinogenic. Catnip, however, is not addictive. It is fully safe. Nepetalactone, the principal chemical is utilized as a mosquito repellent.Contrary to popular perception, cats never want to eat it. They brush-and occasionally bite- the leaf. Biting this plant component releases the oils. Do note that catnip may not work for every cat. About an average of 33 percent of the cats remain unaffected after taking catnip. Some cats may behave opposite to the norm. These cats could actually turn out to be aggressive after taking the catnip. The cat must also be of sufficient age before this compound could be given to it. Only sexually active cats and six months or above of age will respond to Catnip.

Available in different forms

Catnip is also an excellent solution to make an overweight cats exercise more. Lazy cats become more active. The compound makes a superb training tool. Purchasers of this compound can buy it from the market in a number of forms: sprays, mixture, pellets, and dental chews or catnip filled toys. The sprays are composed of distilled water and essential oil. The mix is of flower and dried leaves. The pellets are made of flower buds and dry leaves.It is an excellent decision to buy only fresh catnip. The fresh catnip is usually bright green in color. It also has a pungent smell. The old, in contrast are pale yellow. Stale ones have a faint smell. The herb can be kept inside a freezer to extend the shelf life. It is possible to grow catnip in the garden.

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