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Youโ€™ve been looking forward to your trip to Hawaii for months, but before you can leave your desk behind for hula lessons, you have to take your adorable Poodle, Frou Frou, to a kennel. As you pull up in the parking lot, Frou Frou senses whatโ€™s going on. Sheโ€™s anxious, worried, and somehow just knows that youโ€™re about to leave her somewhere thatโ€™s not home. But what else can you do? She needs to be cared for, and there are no other options. Right?

Thankfully, not anymore. A new option is in town: home dog boarding. No longer does your dog have to be in a cage at the kennel for most of the day; you can leave your pup in the care of a responsible pet sitter and pet lover just like you. Plus, innovative websites like are making it easier than ever to find a real home for your dog to stay in. Imagine little Frou Frou lounging on the couch all day in a warm home instead of being stuck in a cage!

Here are some reasons why home dog boarding might be the solution youโ€™ve been looking for.

Your dog will be less anxious in a comfortable home

Dogs donโ€™t like being taken out of their comfort zone and what they consider their territory -- their home -- and being left in a strange place. Taking your dog to a home dog boarder instead of a kennel makes for a much smoother transition for your dog. You wouldnโ€™t like being put in a cage either, would you? Such a stark change can cause stress and anxiety in your dog. They could be become scared, nervous, or over-stimulated by the strange environment and noises.

This can even mean that when they come home, theyโ€™ll be hyper, anxious, and under-exercised. If you board your dog in a real home instead, theyโ€™ll be able to saunter from one room to another, and possibly even enjoy a backyard, ensuring that theyโ€™ll be calm and comfortable.


You can leave your dog with an experienced dog lover

Once you find the perfect pet sitter who can meet your dogโ€™s needs, you can be assured that youโ€™re leaving your dog with someone who not only knows how to offer great care for your dog but is also an avid dog lover who will treat your dog like their own. Pet sitters will be able to help your dog stick to their usual routine which will instantly make them feel more at home.

You can receive updates about your dog so you know theyโ€™re being well looked-after.

When you bring your dog to a home boarder, you can rest easy knowing that theyโ€™re in a warm, inviting home. A friendly host can easily send you photos of your little Shih Tzu lounging on pillows on their bed or a video of your active pup getting exercised in a sprawling backyard or dog park.

Your dog will get individual attention

Often times at a kennel, the ratio is about 20 dogs to one human. This can mean that your dogโ€™s needs get overlooked because the staff has so many other pups to look after. Your dog may not be attended to immediately if thereโ€™s an issue, and you might not even be notified until you pick them up. Donโ€™t let your best friend get lost in the shuffle.

Home dog boarding means your dog can get individual care and all the attention from a pet sitter. The pet sitter can keep track of your dogโ€™s diet, exercise, and behavior. If for any reason your dog is acting or feeling strange, the pet sitter can notify you right away via phone or text.


Your dog can get exercised and socialized

Many times, dogs can come back from a stay at a kennel with anxiety and too much energy. With only an hour or two of play time, and the rest of their hours being cooped up in a cage, itโ€™s no wonder that dogs feel this way. When your dog stays at a real home, theyโ€™re able to move freely, and will get exercised much more frequently. Pet sitters can take guest dogs for daily hikes to the nearby creek or for a run along the beach. Also, if you have a senior dog who needs to take it slow, a pet sitter can accommodate that. When a dog comes home from a home stay, you can be sure theyโ€™ll be tired and happy.

You could be getting a better price

Some kennels can cost upwards of $80 a night. That can get very expensive, very quickly! When you choose home dog boarding, youโ€™re dealing with people just like you, instead of a business. This means theyโ€™ll be more understanding and could potentially give you a better deal than you thought possible.


Not sure where to start your search for the perfect pet sitter? A new website called allows you to find a real home to board your dog starting at $15/night. They make it easy to search hosts in your area on their website, have an amazing customer service team always ready to help and all their stays are covered by their complementary insurance. Hosts range from professional pet sitters with ranch-like environments to experienced dog lovers in cozy homes.

Priscilla Liang is a blogger at She spends her days writing about dogs and browsing through adorable puppy photos. Woof!

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