The Dog Breeds that are Perfect for Hot Weather

The Dog Breeds that are Perfect for Hot Weather

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Summer's arrival could bring you to cheer, but the warm weather and harsh Sun could get unbearable for dogs. Most dogs have a rich coat of fur insulating them, which add to the warmth they feel in Summers. Dog parents usually take their dogs for a fur trim at the dog parlor, to keep their body temperature under control. Of course, there are ways you can help keep your dog fresh in warm weather. But why subject them to an environment they are not suited for? Some dog breeds are more capable of handling heat and scorch than others. If you happen to live in an area which has a tropical climate for the majority of the year, pick a canine companion from the breeds listed below.

Dog breeds that adjust well to heat

  • American Water Spaniel โ€“ The American Water Spaniel sports a wavy coat with curls which saves them from experiencing heat from the direct rays falling from the Sun. You can trust this Spaniel not to mind warm weather. It also needs a right amount of exercise and will love the chance to accompany you outdoors.
  • Chihuahua โ€“ The Chihuahua originates from Mexico. Mexico has a warm climate, and your Chihuahua won't mind Summers as much as some other dog breeds will. You can safely shelter a Chihuahua in a small space without having to worry about posing any harm to their health or temperament.
  • Dalmation โ€“ Dalmations are so comfortable in heat that they often find pride of place in firefighting squads. The dog breed has a slim physique, short coat and long snout โ€“ all physical characteristics which enable it to withstand heat and warmth. The Dalmatian dog breed also traces its origin back to Dalmatia, a region in the Mediterranean, which is well known for its warm temperatures.
  • German Short-haired Pointer โ€“ The German Short-haired Pointer is another dog breed with a short coat and long snout, allowing it to cool off when the weather gets too hot. Their jacket also happens to be water-resistant, which means they love themselves an occasional swim. If you want a swimming companion during the Summer, the German Short-haired Pointer will be more than happy to accompany you. Pointers also thrive on exercise and physical activity, so you won't have to think twice before taking it out along with you, on a walk at the park.

Not all dogs hate the Sun Some dog breeds would like to spend as much time as possible in the shade, away from the Sun's glare. However, there are dog breeds that would enjoy nothing more than to frolic and play when the Sun is shining. Our list should help you learn about dog breeds that won't mind hot weather, so you can choose a pet that will equally enjoy a Summer's day by your side.

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