The Diet that can Help Fat American Cats

The Diet that can Help Fat American Cats

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Just like humans, cats are prone to a number of health conditions with obesity being one of the most common. More than 50 percent domestic cats in the US are overweight and only their overindulgent owners are to blame. The most common causes for obesity in American cats is unsuitable, unhealthy food and a sedentary lifestyle.Overweight cats live shorter lives compared to their healthier counterparts. They become prone to all kinds of secondary health conditions like diabetes, kidney disease, and arthritis. While fat cats are all the rage on the internet, as a pet owner, it is your responsibility to ensure your feline companion leads a long, healthy life.

Put your fat feline friend on a diet

The easiest way to help your cat shed some pounds is by controlling its fat and calories intake. The best way to start is by feeding him a diet which supplies about 70 percent of calories necessary to maintain his current weight.Your pet is an obligate carnivore, which means that he needs meat for certain nutrients. Start feeding your cat highly digestible food that contains meat as the primary source of protein. This plays a major role in prevent him from putting on weight.Another step is to give your cat more raw and canned foods in his daily diet. These low-carb foods contain high amounts of meat protein and lesser calories compared to dry food. You can start by changing 25 percent of the entire meal to wet food and slowly increase it to 50 percent. Besides weight loss, wet food is also beneficial in protecting the health of your catโ€™s urinary tract.Switch the dry food to one that is specifically made for weight loss. These foods limit your catโ€™s intake of fat and calories while proving him with necessary nutrition. Pick a food that has high fiber content. This can make your cat feel fuller and reduce his consumption.

Less treats, more play

If your cat has a lazy lifestyle, you should play with him more often and make sure he becomes more active. Introduce him to new games and toys so heโ€™s less bored and more playful. This also helps in multi-cat households. Playing with your pet more will also strengthen your bond.Pique his hunting interests by hiding healthy treats around your house for him to find. Buy toys that look like mice or have feathers on them to make him more keen on playing.Another great way to get your cat moving is by erecting vertical spaces for him to climb. Invest in a tall post with a sturdy foundation for your cat to have more fun and feel safe when he wants to retreat.Your involvement in your catโ€™s life plays a big role in how healthy he is. Spend more time playing and bonding with him and invest in healthy food and treats so you can enjoy a longer, healthier time with your feline best friend.Before you put your overweight cat on a diet, consult with your veterinarian for the best course of action and recommended food.

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