The best ways to make a profit out of the pet care industry

The best ways to make a profit out of the pet care industry

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Pet owners spend massive amounts of money on their pets. As per a study was done by American Pet Products Association, the spend comes to a staggering $55 billion in the United States alone. It is thus logical to earn money by leveraging people's passion for pets. It is to be noted that most of the opportunities present in the pet care industry are entry-level positions. Their pay scales are also quite less. The scene changes, however, when you consider making a business out of the demand for pet care products. Profits can be substantial as advertising does not cost much in this line of business. You can set your own timings and even do your business part-time.

Dog walking

Dog walking is an extremely profitable venture. It will be a literal walk in the park if you love dogs. This business is recession proof and costs a minimal amount of money to start. It is a low-stress job and you will enjoy being paid a good amount of money to walk the dog. The requirements to be a good dog walker are minimal: you should be fit and be comfortable managing a broad breed of dogs. Be prepared to clean poop. You must be happy to spend time out of your house, in any season, and in any weather. You will be needed to work five days a week. Yes, you will enjoy the substantial time between the walks.To calculate how much amount of money you will make from walking dogs, multiply the number of dogs you will walk to walk numbers every week and then to the rates you will charge for every half hour walk. It is advisable you start with the timings you are comfortable with.

Dog training

You can also train dogs. Dog trainers provide a bouquet of services. These range from teaching simple obedience skills to carefully instructing dogs so that they can perform to win a prize in animal shows. This profession requires excellent PR skills as you have to teach the owners themselves on how to handle their four-legged pets. You should have ample patience to deal with both humans and animals.Dog training business expenses vary. The best and the most profitable scenario is to open a complete service training school. This costs substantial quantities of money. The cheaper alternatives include visiting clients' homes. You can also teach the occasional class to dog owners in continuing education colleges. Incomes from this business will vary, but most dog training business owners make enough money to lead a fairly comfortable life. No state or federal certification is needed to begin this business. You, however, may have to attend seminars on this subject.

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