The Best Ways To Clip Dog Nails At Home


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Pedicures are the best right? Wrong! Or at least when it comes to dogs, trimming their nails is something thatโ€™s uncomfortable for all parties involved. It doesnโ€™t have to be that way. There are certain ways you can trim your dogโ€™s toe nails that can be comfortable for both of you.Although it seems like a huge inconvenience at first, trimming your dogโ€™s nails is actually very essential for your dogโ€™s health. Since the nails of domesticated dogs arenโ€™t naturally worn down by hunting and traveling over different terrain as it was for dogs before we started making them our pets, we need to wear them down ourselves. This is mainly done to keep up with their rate of growth. If you leave your dogโ€™s nails to grow too long, they can often get chipped or even break causing pain and discomfort and leading to further problems that can only be treated by a vet.Nails that are too long can also make moving and standing too painful for your dog. In some cases, toenails can grow so long that they curl back and embed themselves in your dogโ€™s paw. This could cause unbearable pain for your dog. Protect those paws by trimming their nails. Hereโ€™s how.

What tools will you need?

Treats โ€“ to keep him still and reward himNail clippersStyptic Powder โ€“ Just in case thereโ€™s any blood. This will stop the bleed

Different Methods of Trimming

There are quite a number of nail clippers out there. Make sure that when you buy a nail clipper, you buy one thatโ€™s the right size for your pooch. You might end up cutting into the quick with bigger than necessary nail clippers. Cutting into the quick can often cause bleeding.Something else you could try are small Dremels. A Dremel comes equipped with a grinding tool which you can use to sand off your dogโ€™s nails. You can even round the edges for a smoother finish. When youโ€™re using clippers, youโ€™re often left with sharp angles that can sometimes hurt either your dog, or even you.

Cut for Success

Use whichever method is best for you and offers the least resistance. Take special care to not cut the nails too short. The quick contains a lot of blood vessels and it will definitely bleed if you go into that territory. Cut a small amount of nail at a time. The Quick is the pink part of the nail. If your dog has black nails, then look on the underside of the nail for a triangular shape. Thereโ€™s no quick before the beginning of the triangle. But only cut short to be extremely sure. Always cut from the underneath and not from the top.

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