The Best Funny Cat Videos on the Internet All of the Craziest Cats and Funniest Felines the Internet Has to Offer

The Best Funny Cat Videos on the Internet

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Funny cat videos have been taking the internet by storm--a fluffy, adorable, hilarious storm. We here at PetCareRx have compiled for you all of our favorites on the net. Enjoy!

People sometimes scoff at the Egyptians for their bizarre worship of cats. But have those people been on the internet recently? Cat owners the world over are following their cats around all day with their camera phones, filming them napping on coffee tables or ironing boards. Coffee tables aren’t for napping, you silly cats! Point being, not all cat videos are funny. Some of them aren't even that cute.

Since it has become so simple to make these videos, and people love their cats so uncontrollably, the temptation to live stream a cat's every move has become an attainable fantasy for thousands of users. And they act upon it, forcing us to wade through hours of cats doing nothing noteworthy--just regular cat stuff! I get that all day at home. If I am going to watch a video of another person's cat, it had better be something worth my while. I think I speak for everyone online when I say, "we want funny cat videos, and we want them now!"

Well, we here at DogWork and PetCareRx have picked up the torch. After scouring the internet, we've selected some of the funniest cat videos around, putting them in one, convenient place so you can enjoy them all in rapid succession.

Be warned--this page may contain a lethal amount of cat-based hilarity.

Funny Cat Videos

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