The Best Flea and Tick Medicine for Dogs and Cats



If you're a pet parent, you probably get bombarded with warnings about fleas and ticks, and the dangers they pose to pets, especially as springtime rolls around.Your vet, your pet store, and your favorite blogs and pet websites may be telling you again and again how vital it is to protect our pets from these pests.(If you're not convinced yet, take a look at this

video on what happens in a home flea infestation. Yuck!)" okay, okay," you say,>flea and tick prevention

is important. But what are the best flea tick products for dogs and cats? What will protect my pet from the problems in my area, and keep my family safe?"We hear you! There are lots of options out there, which is a good thing since there are plenty of pet parents out there with unique situations. But when you want to cut to the chase and find your best bet, we've got the information you need.

Breaking Down Flea and Tick Prevention Options

Learn the difference between spot-ons like

Frontline Plus



, oral medications or chewables like

Advantage II, sprays, and more. Find out how to control fleas and ticks in your yard and around your home, and keep your pet even safer.

Comparison Chart of Flea and Tick Meds

Use this handy chart to quickly decide which prevention method protects against the pests in your area. You'll find the best flea and tick medicine for your dog or cat in a snap.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 2.53.17 PM

Oral Flea Control Options

Not a fan of spot-ons? Learn what pills and chewables are best for oral flea control, and how you can avoid potential skin irritations that some pets may get from spot-ons.If your pet does get fleas, take heart! Check out our infographic on

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