The 5 Worst Ways to Show Love to Your Dog

The 5 Worst Ways to Show Love to Your Dog

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As canines are our best friends, we love pampering them and showering them with love. Every time we see our canines do something new, we find it adorable. Canines love the attention we give them. However, there are certain things that we do, which canines donโ€™t like at all or find them downright uncomfortable. Even though our canines wonโ€™t do much, they hate being in such situations. Here the five worst ways you can show love to your dog.

  1. HuggingThe most common way we show our love to our canines is by hugging them. Even though hugging is a way of showing our affection, canines interpret hugging in a completely different manner. When we hug our canines, they think that we are trying to assert our dominance over them. As a result of our hugging, canines will feel trapped. Just because our canines tolerate us hugging them, doesnโ€™t mean that they enjoy getting hugs.
  2. TeasingSometimes, we tease our canines as a way of displaying our love to them. We may think that it's harmless, but our canines wonโ€™t understand whats going on. After a point, it will become frustrating, ultimately changing their behavior. For example, when we pretend like we are throwing the ball, just to see our canines run and search for it, we find it funny. However, canines will completely misinterpret the situation. Also, we shouldnโ€™t bark back at our dogs, even if it's meant to show our love for them.
  3. Petting its head or faceWhen we want to show our canines our love, we usually pet their heads or faces. Even though it looks like they donโ€™t mind, they donโ€™t like us petting their head or face. Our canines only tolerate us because they trust and know us. If we closely look at our canines when we are about to pet their head or face, we will see that they turn their heads away before we touch them. Imagine how we would feel if someone invaded our personal space all the time, just to pat our heads as a display of affection.
  4. Dressing it upWe tend to dress up our canines as a way of showing how much we love them. However, we should avoid doing this because canines donโ€™t like dressing up at all. While it is okay to use jackets and sweaters to keep them warm, we shouldnโ€™t dress them up with other types of clothing We might find our canines adorable and cute in different outfits, but they will feel anxious and confused.
  5. No rulesWe humans think that having no rules is the best way to show our love for our canines because we consider them to be a part of our family. However, canines prefer routines and schedules over no rules. When there are rules, canines are happy as they know what they should be doing. Inconsistency or unpredictability throughout the day is extremely confusing to our canines.

These are the five worst ways to show love to your dog. If you have any queries, feel free to leave a comment below.

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