Thanksgiving Pets 101: The Cutest Costume Ideas and Tips

Your Very Own Holiday Themed Mascot

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Thanksgiving Pets 101: The Cutest Costume Ideas and Tips

Pets dressed up in human-like clothes can be the cutest thing, but it's even more adorable when they're dressed up for the holidays. Here are some fun costume ideas for Thanksgiving.

If there’s one thing American pet parents can’t get enough of, it’s dressing up their pets. Especially when there’s a theme, like Thanksgiving, for example! There are all sorts of ways to have the cutest Thanksgiving pets on the block: maybe a crowd pleasing pilgrim, or a tasty-looking turkey, or even a cob of corn!

Here are some fun ideas for Thanksgiving-themed pet costumes.


Some pets won’t mind a bit of accessorizing. They’ll take it in stride, and may even forget they’re wearing something. However, if your pet bucks, shakes their head, rolls around, or generally appears to be desperate to be rid of their outfit, take it off.

  • Remember, they don’t understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. All they know is it’s strange, and they’re restricted in some unusual way.

  • Animals rely on their instincts, and some costumes will obstruct vision or impair hearing. This can be panic-inducing to some animals. So be patient and reasonable. Make sure they can see, hear, move, and of course, breathe.

  • Keep an eye on them while they’re dressed. You don’t want them eating bits of felt or velcro in an effort to get the costume off.

  • Be willing to let the costumed period of the day be brief if your pet is not loving it: dress them up, snap a photo, then let them be free.


Site like are overflowing with homemade and handmade pet items. Browse around for Thanksgiving themes like a hand crocheted pilgrim’s hat for your cat or a crocheted turkey hat for lap-sized dogs.

Some ready-to-wear costumes are available for sale commercially, so your dog could be sporting a turkey costume in no time.

Ideas for Pets not Interested in a Full Costume

Instead of going for a full-out costume, consider a neck accessory like a Thanksgiving themed collar. It’ll feel just like a collar to your costume-resistant pet, but will add that bit of holiday spirit you’re seeking.

DIY Your Pet’s Thanksgiving Costume

You can also create your own cute Thanksgiving-themed pet costume by using an item your pet is already comfortable in. They may wear a sweater or a rain jacket from time to time. Try adhering some turkey-like feathers to the bum. This is one economical way to get them dressed up without moving out of their comfort zone.


Handy with a glue gun or knitting needles? Peruse the web for patterns and ideas.

Sites like and offer patterns, instructions, and step-by-step videos on making your own pet costumes and accessories; like this Top Dog Holiday Hat, which can be modified from a Christmas theme to a Pilgrim’s hat.


And if you can’t make the costume work at all, take heart. There are other ways, like sharing a pet-safe Thanksgiving meal, to involve your pet in the fun.

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