Ten of the rarest breeds of dogs!

Ten of the rarest breeds of dogs!

These days, you will find almost everyone owning a dog and taking it for a walk. However, there are dozens of breeds of dogs that we will not see taking a stroll on the sidewalk. There are so many rare breeds of dogs that we have never heard of but are found in different locales from around the world. Let us look at the list of ten of the rarest breeds of dogs and see if you can identify any one of them.

  1. Fila Brasileiro
    The origin of Fila Brasileiro is said to have come from the breeds of Mastiff and bloodhound. These origins explain why Fila Brasileiro has large bones, loose skin, and a smooth coat. This breed of dog is extremely rare and is known for its tracking abilities. However, beware since they are also known for their aggression.
  2. Catalburun
    Do you know what is so rare about this breed? This is the only breed of dog in the world to have a split nose and suspended ears. They were bred in Turkey for hunting and are one of the rarest breeds found in the world.
  3. New Guinea Singing Dog
    Just as the name suggests, this breed of dog is known for its unique vocal abilities. However, the one reason why this breed of dog is so loved is that it is an excellent companion and is intelligent with admirable physical ability.
  4. Carolina Dog
    The Carolina Dog is also known as the American Dingo. It was once a wild and free-roaming dog until it was discovered in the swamps of Cypress. It is not bred in captivity and is quite rare to find.
  5. Karelian Bear Dog
    The Karelian Bear Dog is quite famous for its quick reflexes and fearless nature. It is a popular choice amongst the big-game hunters for this reason.
  6. Stabyhoun
    This breed of dog comes from the Netherlands. Today, there are less than 4,000 Stabyhouns in existence. This breed of dog is known for its excellent hunting and guarding skills. They are also great at catching moles and rats.
  7. Mudi
    Mudi is a Hungarian herding dog with so many qualities that you would want to keep it with you forever. However, they love being somebody's pet and going out for long walks or jogs. They love to run around and play in large fields.
  8. Lagotto Romagnolo
    Lagotto Romagnolo is a breed of dog that comes from a sub-region of Italy. It was traditionally used as a gun dog. The best thing that this breed loves is truffle hunting.
  9. Azawakh
    Azawakh is a South African sighthound that is known to be a fierce companion and guardian. It looks very elegant with a short and beautiful coat.
  10. Thai Ridgeback
    Thie feature that makes the Thai Ridgeback unique is its ridge of hair that grows in the opposite direction of its coat. There are only two other breeds of dogs that have this unique feature. These were some of the rarest breeds of dogs in the world. Would you like to pet one or all of them?
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