Teaching Your Dog to Bow


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Before you teach your dog to bow, the animal must be compliant with the โ€œsitโ€ and โ€œlie downโ€ commands. Once your dog learns to bow, the trick will get it (and you) a large number of admirers. This trick wows a lot of people!

Basic commands first

The first step is to make sure the dog remembers how to come when called, sit down and lie on the ground or on the surface when you command it. The dog must know its name and respond when that name is called. If the animal is not adept in doing these things, you must teach your dog these commands first.

Once you are sure that your dog can follow all the basic commands, it is now time to teach it how to bow. Order the dog to stand in such a way that the animal faces you. The distance between the dog and you must be approximately two feet. Take its favorite treat and hold it in such a way that your dog can see it. Do not give the treat right now. If you think it is necessary, wave the treat to make sure the dog pays attention.

Hand signaling method

Hold the treat in hand and wave it downward. You can even drop the product on the floor. It is important the dog must lower its eyes and keep both of them on that treat. Immediately praise the dog and pet it. Allow the animal to take the treat and take yet another one to be ready for the next step. If you use a clicker, click a little before to give the dog its treat. Repeat the sequence for multiple times so that the cat gets used to the movement and the subsequent reward. There is no need to worry if the dog stands up. It will learn to link the treat (also clicker if using) with this movement post repetition. It is now time to add verbal cues. First, you add any appropriate phrase, like "bow." Pronounce the word as the animal gets into position. Take your hand and do the action of putting it down on the floor to indicate to the dog to do the same with his head. Once your dog does this, give it the treat. If you use a clicker, just click before you give the treat. Repeat the action multiple times. Continue with your verbal cue and also move the hand towards the ground. Switch to pretend treat. When you open your hand while on the floor, the hand must be empty. Give the dog its treat, but with your other hand. Repeat this multiple times. Try giving your "bow" command without you moving your signaling hand. Reinforce this action.

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