Teach Your Dog To Eat Dry Food

Teach Your Dog To Eat Dry Food

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Your dog may not want to eat dry food. If it does this, take it to the veterinarian first. Give her an exhaustive check up. This is important as picky eating could symbolize a serious problem. In case your dog's nature is like that, you need to take a few steps so that you can change the eating habits of your pet. The number of steps included buying premium quality dry food and feeding the dog as per a schedule. You can also adjust the diet of the dog over the course of time.

Understand why your dog is unwilling to consume dry food

To understand what is going on, take the pet to a veterinarian. Two reasons exist as to why a dog turns out to be choosy in his diet. The first one is that he could be sick. The second reason is that he has access to a wide variety of food, including the menu you eat. You need to find out what exactly is the cause. If your dog is healthy, then it can be choosy eater due to conditioning. If this is the case, you must work with your pet to change its habits.Find out when your dog starts to act picky. If the veterinarian asks, then tell him or her the approximate date. A sick dog will become a picky eater in one day. You could possibly notice that the dog only nibbles at the food, or does not eat at all. There could be two reasons for this: he may have lost his appetite or he could be nauseated. A number of medical conditions could contribute to picky eating. These includes liver, kidney or heart disease, dental problems, digestive problems or tumors. Picky eating habits could lead to many problems- even if your dog is healthy. These are not to be taken lightly, as they could threaten the life of your pet. The list of problems include obesity, nutrient deficiencies, diarrhea, pancreatic, behavioral problems and difficulty treating chronic diseases later in your pet's life.

Adjusting the dog's diet

There is no substitution to feeding your dog premium quality food. The dog food is formulated in such a manner so that all the nutritional requirements are met. Do understand that dogs have dissimilar needs than humans for protein and fat. The differences are mostly in the intake of vitamins and minerals. Dogs cannot get proper nutrition from human food. The dry food assists to remove the plaque and bacteria which collects everyday on the teeth of the dog. Dog food has nutrients, like calcium, which helps to create strong bones and teeth. Ensure that meat is included in the food of the dog.

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