Teach Your Dog To Behave Properly In Front Of Others

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Teach Your Dog To Behave Properly In Front Of Others

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Be it humans or animals, discipline is a must for everyone. Dogs, especially must be taught how to behave when they are in the presence of someone else. Remember that movie ‘Marley and Me’? It’s cute but you wouldn’t want your dog to jump over people and bother them all the time.If you don’t want your dog to become another Marley, then here are some tips that should help you with the behavior training.

Be in charge

We know that you love your pet very much. But that does not mean you should let him decide what’s good and what’s bad. Make your dog understand that you’re the owner and you are in charge. Teach him do’s and don’ts when he meets someone who dislikes dogs. Sometimes, it is important for you to show who’s the boss in the house. Of course, that does not mean you should use extreme measures. It should be enough to let you have control of the situation.

Greeting visitors

Some dogs have an irritating habit of sniffing about an unknown person. From the dog’s point of view, it is the obvious thing to do. However, most people won’t enjoy having a big dog sniffing at them. The next time someone pays you a visit, teach your dog to sit at a distance from the door. Open the door only when your dog is sitting comfortably. Don’t allow your dog to come too close to the visitor unless they know each other.

Play safe

If you’re playing with your dog in the presence of a third person, then make sure you do it safely. Don’t throw the ball near the visitor so that your dog has to make contact with him/her. Maintain distance and teach your dog to do the same. Use treats and praises to teach your dog to behave nicely in front of others. Also, try playing games that don’t require running around too much. Some people are sacred of dogs running around them.


Training is an important part in a dog’s life and every owner must ensure that it gets the best training possible. People like dogs who know how to behave themselves, especially in front of others. It’s not difficult to train a dog to be on its best behavior. There are some simple rules that owners must follow. Owners can use treats to teach their dogs to stay away from the visitor. It can also be used to keep the dogs from barking unnecessarily whenever they see a new person. Teach your dog to sit down at a distance and let him take as much as time as he wants before he learns how to behave properly.

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