Taking Care of Your Cat During Winter


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Now that winter is here is in full swing, how can you ensure that your cat stays safe, warm and protected? The colder months can be a bit difficult for cat owners since you have to find the balance between letting your cat be and making sure they are protected from the biting cold. With these few tips below, you can navigate that line better by not taking away your petโ€™s freedom while still caring for them.

  • Help them avoid frostbite

If your cat likes being outside and spends plenty of time outdoors, chances are they can manage and take care of themselves. Cats are very independent and capable that way. However, during the winter, itโ€™s always good to keep an eye out for a frostbite.

If your cat gets a frostbite, the ears are first affected, followed by the tail and the feet. So, if your cat has spent a lot of time outside in the snow, remember to always wipe their feet dry and clean when they come back inside. Also remember to dry their fur and make sure no ice is stuck.

  • Make sure to keep antifreeze away from your cat

Antifreeze, which is ethylene glycol, is an agent that is found in car radiators, de-icers and in screen washes. This is commonly used during winter for various purposes, but make sure to keep it away from you cat. If ingested, antifreeze can be fatal for felines. You have to be extra careful because cats are attracted to the taste of the agent, which means that they can likely sniff it out when it is close by. So, make sure to keep your antifreeze tightly closed and store it away. Even when there has been a spill, make sure to clean it up right away.

  • Keep them engaged indoors

If you want your cat to spend more time indoors and stay away from the icy cold outside, give them reasons to stay in the house. You can give them plenty of toys and fun activities to keep theme entertained, while still providing them with plenty of physical and mental exercise. For this, it is important that you set time apart to play with you cat too. The more engaged you are, the more excited your cat will be to stay indoors and spend time with you.

  • Fresh water inside and outside 

Your cat needs to stay hydrated at all times, which means that they need to have access to fresh drinking water both inside and outside. Your cat may have places to drink from outside on any other day, but during winter, there is a chance that these places could freeze up. So, make sure you keep a bowl of fresh water inside and outside the house for your cat.

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