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There is nothing more joyful than jumping and running on sandy beaches. The wind ruffling the hair while you play with your dog is truly an enjoyable experience. Yes, dogs love the beach. It is one of the few destinations where both you and your dog can de-stress. Since you will allow your canine to run free, it is important that you do a few things first before taking your dog to the sea. Get ID tags for example. This holds even if your dog has been implanted with an identification microchip. Ensure that the ID tags fitted to its collar could be easily readable. The joy of playing in the sea may make the dog turn deaf to all your calls.

Doggles is important

Bright sunlight is not suitable for any dog as their eyes work better in dim light. Canines are almost blind during the dazzling daytime on the beach. They can only navigate through their keen sense of smell. An acute sense of hearing helps the dog to navigate to wherever it wants to go. Since your dog cannot see well in the sunlight, keep the animal within your line of sight. Bright sunlight also means pink noses and sunburn being suffered by the eyes. A number of pet stores sell "doggles" which is, as its name suggests, are goggles for dogs. Buying a doggle makes sense for not only enjoying the beach but also when the canine rides an open-air vehicle like a convertible or a soft-top jeep or a bike.

Training and cleaning

For your dog, the beach is a truly bewitching place. This is especially applicable if the dog is an occasional visitor to the sea-side. To your dog, the new smells are captivating. Your dog may even forget your presence as it will be extremely happy. This is why you should always train your dog before you take it to the beach. Teach your dog a few hand-signals so that you can command both by voice and by a gesture.

To make sure your dog comes back to you quickly, keep a few doggie treats in your pocket. Keep those which does not melt by heat and unaffected by moisture. When your dog comes running to you, it will bring not only sand which sticks to its fur but also other sea destination characteristics like sea-weed and other remains of aquatic plants. It is important you wash the dog as soon as you get off the beach or your residence will stink for days afterward. Keep many old towels in your car. Get them out and scrub your dog thoroughly after an enjoyable beach day followed by a bath. It is recommended that you also towel your dog after it comes out of the sea beach. The action will keep your vehicle clean.

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