Surprising human foods that dogs can eat

Surprising human foods that dogs can eat

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Chances are you consider your dog as a member of your family. It gets equal attention, affection and love as any other human family member. This includes the wish to offer your dog the same food you eat on your dining table. Before you give your best friend the delicious food you just ate, remember some foods are dangerous for your dog to eat.


This staple is generally used as filler when it comes to canine foods. You can give the dog rice in small quantities. Do take care that the rice should not contain any onion or garlic as these ingredients could be harmful to it. Do note that some rice samples have been found to contain arsenic. It is thus wise to opt for organic.


This white meat is suitable for dogs. Many dogs regard chicken as their favorite food. Your dog in all probability wolf it down much faster than any other foods. Chicken is also an excellent protein source. You simply have to regulate the oils and the spices in the meat you offer to your best friend.

Cooked eggs

You can feed your dogs cooked eggs without much hesitation. The item can be served any way-boiled or scrambled. This food has adequate protein and vitamins. Ensure that the eggs are completely cooked. Your dog can be sick if you serve it raw ones.


This vegetable contains less calories. It makes a nutritious snack for any dog. Carrots can be given in any form, be it cooked or raw. Most dogs love this crunchy snack. A few even prefer carrots over any fancy packaged dog food.

Green beans

These have the advantage of low calorie content but filling the stomach. If you carefully control this food's soil content, your dog can eat green beans as much as it possibly can.


Many dogs love frozen berries. They can be given as a treat when your canine behaves particularly well. Your best friend can safely consume berries in small amounts. It will benefit from the antioxidant properties of berries similar to humans.


Like berries, you dog can also eat bananas without any harmful effects. The nutrients present in this edible benefits the canine. It can also be offered as a kind of treat. Bananas can also be given as a snack option.

Seedless watermelon

Similar to humans, watermelons can be consumed by dogs for re-hydration. Since, eating the seeds of the watermelon could lead to intestinal blockage, ensure that all seeds be removed prior to giving it to your canine.


You amy be surprised to know that a number of dogs adore cheese. Be careful that your dog consumes cheese in small amounts. Excessive cheese consumption will lead to stomach upset.

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