Super Bowl No-no Foods for Dogs and Cats



Super Bowl XLVIII is almost here!

Chances are you have plans to watch the big game, and whether you are tuning in to see two titans of football clash in a spectacular finale to a remarkable season, or for the high-budget and often hilarious ads that major corporations will be running during the game (and probably for the rest of 2014), you know that the snacks will be a-flowinโ€™.

Chips, dip, wings, brews, soda -- all sorts of yummy finger foods and refreshing beverages. But be aware, for our dogs and cats, many of these snacks can be quite dangerous.

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Beer is a crucial component to many peopleโ€™s Super Bowl Sunday, but for our furrier friends, this type of foamy, cool refreshment should be avoided at all costs. Aย cat or dogโ€™s liver is not able to effectively metabolize alcohol, making them very susceptible to alcohol poisoning.


If you are having any cookies, trail mix, or candy at your party, donโ€™t share any withย your pet. Chocolate contains theobromine, which is poisonous to pets. Also, chocolate contains caffeine, which has a much more concentrated effect on pets, and can seriously affect their heart.


Sugar, caffeine, and carbonation -- sweet deliciousness to us, but for a dog or cat it can cause some serious health problems. Pets do not ever need to consume anything with sugar in it, and if they do, it can cause health complications. The caffeine in soda, as mentioned above, is bad for their heart.


This wonderful dip is likely to make an appearance at your Super Bowl party, but the bowl should be carefully watched, as it contains a few things that can ruin your petโ€™s day. There are plenty of fruits and veggies that are great for pets, but avocado, while not incredibly poisonous, is not good for pets either. The more likely culprits are onions and garlic, which are very dangerous to pets. So guac is a no-go.


Everybody loves wings -- theyโ€™re finger licking good! However, thanks to the tiny, brittle, and easily-swallowed bones at their core, these scrumptious snacks are best left for the human guests. Bone shards can cause choking and damage to a pet's digestive system. Good thing our pets donโ€™t have fingers to lick!

For a better idea of what foods are alright for your pets, check out our helpful video.

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