Steps you can take to protect your dog from being stolen


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Losing your dog is one of the hardest things to experience in life. Your priceless companion getting kidnapped can be so stressful and heartbreaking. A lot of dogs are stolen with an ulterior motive. Purebred dogs are usually sold to pet stores, puppy mills, or breeders, where they get a good sum of money. Dog fighting is also another reason why people kidnap smaller dogs as they can be used as bait. Some dogs are captured for their fur even.You can help keep your dog safe and from theft by following some of these tips.

  1. Consider putting a microchipMicrochipping can help you find your lost dog. It can also be a part of a police investigation. People can remove your dog's collar, but microchips cannot be removed without surgery. Ensure that you keep your contact details up-to-date.
  2. Do not leave your dog tied up and unattended.There are many instances where dogs are taken from their yards. Do not leave your dog unattended, even if you are home. It makes them vulnerable to anyone who is passing by and could be an opportunist.
  3. Be aware of strangers who seem too interested in your dogIt is heart-warming to talk about our dogs, most of us love sharing details about our dogs. You should not share any detailed information about your dogโ€™s breeding, cost, or least of all where you live. It gives the stranger too much of an opportunity.
  4. Leaving your dog locked in the car is a big no-no.It is common to believe that your dog is perfectly safe in your locked car while you run to finish some errands. It puts your dog at risk of getting napped as someone can easily break in and snatch your dog. You also run the risk of someone trying to steal other valuables in your car and then allowing your dog to escape.
  5. Lock your gate and make sure your yard is secured.Fit a bell to the gate so that you hear it if anyone opens it while your dog is playing outside. You can also keep your yard gates locked with a big paddock and build fences that are high enough that prevents someone from reaching over and picking up your dog.
  6. Keep your dog on a leashYour dog could get excited and run away if you walk your dog off-leash, when this happens, they could quickly be picked up by someone. Off-leash dogs are more likely to be a target for thieves. It's more difficult to steal a dog thatโ€™s physically attached to you through a leash.
  7. Get an ID tag for your dog.If your dog wears a collar and ID tag with your name and address on it, people could contact you if he/she gets lost. A mobile number is also a good idea, but do not put your dogโ€™s name on the ID.
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