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Siamese is an extremely beautiful cat. They are affectionate and expects dedication from its parent. It is a long and elegant animal. The breed is of medium size and perfectly muscled. The eyes of a Siamese cat are bright blue encased in an almond shape.

Legend and Appearance

The Siamese cat is as per legend the temple cat of King of Siam. These cats were coveted not only for their beauty but also used to guard wealth. The cats would perch on the tall columns located around the king's throne. These kitties would jump down to protect the king if anyone tried to harm him. The size of the Siamese cat and jumping velocity would throw any human to the floor. They can scratch the face of the person who has attacked their parent.

The coat of the Siamese breed of cats is a glossy one. It lies close to the feline's body. The beauty of the cat lies in its beautiful slender body and the blue eyes. The contrast between body color and the extremities' darker color makes a pleasing appearance. This contrast has a name-pointing or color restriction. The color of the fur on feet, tail, and ears are different than those of the rest of the body. The darker color incrementally blends into the body's lighter color. The face of the Siamese cat exhibits a mask of identical deeper point color. This mask covers the animal's face and surrounds its eyes. It also includes the whisker pads. Kittens have a smaller mask which increases as the cat grows older.

Beautiful and intelligent

The Siamese cat is more than beautiful. It is also an intelligent animal. The cat can walk if you put it on a lead. Such intelligence does not mean total adherence to your commands. Similar to other felines, the Siamese cat caters only to her desires. This breed is an affectionate one. As a parent, you should be dedicated to it as it is to you. You must carve out some time out from your schedule to play with it.

Since the Siamese has a long and muscular body, it will quickly gain weight and show it too. These cats exhibit a pot belly if it overheats even one day. You must carefully control its nutrition. The slim legs of the Siamese cat are not ideal for holding fat bodies. These cats make excellent jumpers and love nothing more than to climb heights. Give it toys to play with. The animal's beautiful coat needs minimal care. The Siamese cat likes to associate brushing with affection. It enjoys being groomed. Your Siamese would like nothing more than to sit on your lap while you pet it. It wants to sleep next to you.

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