Should You Get A Paid Leave To Care For Your Pet?

Should You Get A Paid Leave To Care For Your Pet?

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We get paid leave when weโ€™re sick or when we have to look after our sick children. For most people, their pets are like their children, so it only seems fair that we get paid leave to care for sick pets as well.Some countries in the UK are doing exactly that by giving pet lovers paid leave to look after their sick pets. Some companies even allow them to take a few hours off from work to settle in a new pet. Although having a pet is endless fun, you still need a lot of time to properly care for them. Pets need a lot of attention to grow. So naturally, a lot of time can go towards taking care of your pet.Many women have taken part in endless protests to ensure paid maternity leave. Now, it is the era of a new kind of leave 0 the paw-ternity or pet-ernity leave.

What Does Paw-Ternity Leave Entail?

If you are a pet parent and itโ€™s your choice to have a pet as much as it is a parentโ€™s choice to have a child, when your pet is sick, you should be able to get paw-ternity leave to take care of them and nurse them back to health. Itโ€™s impractical to bring your dog to work to take care of him there. Not only will you not be able to get any work done, but the chances of your dogโ€™s recovery in the midst of all the busy activities is also doubtful.

Why Is Paw-Ternity Leave A Necessity?

Americans spend more than 60 billion dollars every year to take care of their pets. This number was only a mere 17 billion dollars in 1994. There are more cats and dogs in the US than there are children. Pets also require constant care and sometimes even a little coddling. Sometimes, our pets donโ€™t have the best memories. So while weโ€™re away at work, what if they forget what we look like, or forget that weโ€™re the ones taking care of them.What if along with them getting used to us, they forget who we actually are because weโ€™re barely there? Thatโ€™s why the paw-ternity leave is a necessity. To take care of our pets when they get sick and to just spend a little time with them to remind that we care and we love them.Dogs, cats, and other pets are also part of our family. We should love and cherish them like we love and cherish our human children. Our children can sometimes have difficulties believing that we love them because we donโ€™t get enough time off from work to show them that. Imagine how much more confused a pet will be about this matter. Yes, they are loyal beings but to a certain point. Paw-ternity leave helps us to look after our pets while also keeping our memory alive within them.

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