Should You Buy a Springer Spaniel?


The English Springer Spaniel breed of dog was developed as a gun dog to spring or flush out game from fields. This breed makes a popular companion. The dogs are not only versatile and immensely athletic, but it also scores high marks in tracking and hunt tests. This canine is obedient and makes an excellent companion for camping and hiking.


English Springer Spaniels are medium-sized animals with a gentle expression. They have drop ears. A dense and medium length coat adorn their compact body. The body hair is longer on the animal's ears, belly, chest, and legs. They wag their tails when happy. The body is longer than how much tall they are but not much. This is as they are bred for hunting and a longer dog will tire quickly.

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The English Springer Spaniel is a lively and beautiful dog. This breed makes for wonderful family companions if you give them the exercise and training they need. The dogs are smart and enthusiastic. They want to make their owners happy and have an endearing sense of humor. Springer Spaniels gel well with children if they are acquainted with humans from puppyhood. They get well with other household pets. The only exception is birds as the dogs view them as prey. Remember they are bred to do exactly so.

Hunting and exercise

Since the English Spaniel Springer is a hunting dog, you must give your dog ample amounts of exercise. It is important to leash them when you place them in unfenced areas as they can go hunting on their own. Many owners who do not hunt but have Springer Spaniels make their canines participate in various activities like agility and obedience competitions. Other than superlative trackers, these dogs make excellent therapy dogs, suitable for people who spend their time in nursing homes and hospitals.

Do not adopt Springer Spaniels if you want a guard dog. Although they will bark when they see a stranger, their gentle and loving nature will make them crave attention from complete strangers. This dog breed is people-oriented and not a one-person canine. You should not leave the Springer Spaniel alone in the house for a more extended period of time. Isolation is not suitable for the mental health of such a breed of dogs.

Before you finally decide to take a Springer Spaniel home, remember this breed hates to be alone and could become nuisance barkers in-case, they find themselves isolated. Although these dogs are of even temperament, there are several recent reports where dogs of this breed are reputed to be too aggressive or too submissive. This, of course, depends on the owner. Do not be such kind of owner who would hurt a dog.

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