Should You Be Crate Training Your Dog?

Should You Be Crate Training Your Dog?

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Crating is a subject that pet owners are divided about- while some believe that it is a cruel practice, others believe that it is a necessary practice. Letโ€™s tell you itโ€™s neither. It boils down to when, how and why you introduce your dog to crate


. Read on, as we break down the right way to go about crate training.

When to use a crate?

A common notion that crates are cruel stems from the belief that you are confining your pet during crating. This is where pet owners go wrong. A


can serve as an in-house den for your pet, giving a sense of security and a space for them to retreat to when they want. What you do not want to do is to use a crate as a punishment. Crates can be used to train your pet about the house rules. Whether you are teaching your pet to calm down or preparing her for travel, crate training can come in handy.If you are potty-training your new pup, then putting him in a crate can help teach him to not soil the place where he sleeps, so he learns to eliminate outside, where it is allowed. Or say, you have to take your pet to the vet by car, it becomes easier if he is crate-trained. The amount of time you let your dog spend in the crate is crucial.You do not want your pup to spend more than three hours in the crate, at a stretch. You also do not want to leave your pet in the crate right after a meal, as it is likely that he would want to eliminate. Once your dog grows accustomed to the crate, you can bring down the time he spends in the crate. However, you do not want him to grow out of touch with the crate-training. Do leave the crate around, so your dog can use it when he wants.

What type of crate should you use?

A crate should come across as a secure resting place for your pet. It should be big enough for your dog to get up turn around, or lay in. At the same time you do not want to pick one that is larger than what is needed, as your dog may use one portion of the crate for napping, and the other to eliminate.Add a rubber mat on the crate floor, instead of using bedding. No doubt, you want your dog to feel comfortable in it, but dogs usually prefer cool and hard surfaces. Throw in a chew toy or food-puzzle toy in the crate, so your dog takes to it.

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