Should You Be Adopting a Second Pet?

Should You Be Adopting a Second Pet?

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Are you considering bringing a second pet home? Adopting a second pet can be a good idea if you think your current pet does not get enough socialization, and feels lonely when left home alone. However, a second pet is not for all homes. In some cases a pet display territorial aggression toward the second pet, and in other cases the second pet may not be keen on the idea of sharing the home with another pet. Here are some things that you should take into consideration before adopting a second pet.

Is a second pet for you?

One of the first things that you want to consider before bringing home another pet, is the social tendencies and activity levels of your current pet. Donโ€™t go by stereotypical notions and assume that cats being solitary animals would not want another pet, or that dogs being friendly animals would want a companion. You want to factor in the social habits and disposition of your pet, while deciding whether or not it is a good choice. You also want to see if you can afford a second pet. Once you adopt a pet it becomes solely your responsibility. You donโ€™t want it to be one of those pet parents who turn in a pet to the shelter because they learn that they cannot afford it down the line. Food,


, vaccinations, and health check-ups, can get expensive. You want to offer your second pet a comfortable and caring environment to live in.If you do decide on getting a second pet, the next step is to go to the animal shelter. You want to take your current pet along when you got to the shelter to see how he/she gets along with other pets. While picking pets, you want to look at ones that have previous experience with living in multi-pet households, so it will be easier for them to adapt to your house. It also helps if both pets have been


beforehand, so any prevalent behavior issues do not escalate.

Getting home another pet

You want the two pets to grow accustomed to each other, gradually, over time. You can place the crates of the two pets by each other, so they get used to each otherโ€™s company. You can feed them on different sides of the door, so they associate each otherโ€™s presence with positive emotions. Once they have grown comfortable being around each other, you can introduce them to each other. Have short play sessions that include both pets, and monitor their initial interactions. If they show aggression toward each other, go back to isolating the two of them, and re-introduce them again.

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