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Fluff is fine in felines, but not dandruff! If your fur ball is scratching away incessantly, it could be dandruff. Dandruff in cats may be a temporary annoyance or the sign of a more serious health condition like diabetes.Itโ€™s time you armed yourself with some tips and tricks to get rid of the itchy irritant. If you notice it getting worse, a consultation with the vet may be prudent.

Tips to get rid of the flakes

Get set to say goodbye to the flakes with these pointers:

  1. Comb and groom: Regular brushing and cleaning of the furs can make all the difference. Besides being rewarded with some purrs, you might also be getting rid of the flakes! The action of brushing helps stimulate the oil glands in the skin. However, be gentle with the brush as excessive pressure may actually dry out the skin.
  2. Fleece the fleas: Many times dandruff can be due to ticks and fleas that lodge themselves in the neck, tail or hip areas. Give your pet a thorough visual inspection to spot these irritants. Specks that are black or brown indicate presence of fleas. Launch a full scale spring cleaning for carpets, sofa and all regions where fleas tend to breed. Vacuum and air the carpets and furnishings as sunlight can kill most fleas. Using flea combs and baths regularly for your pet feline may get rid of the fleas.
  3. Note the nutrition: Dandruff and skin problems can usually be a result of inadequate nutrition. Include fish of all kinds to ensure your cat gets the benefit of all the different types of fats. Tuna may be your catโ€™s personal favorite, but gorging only on tuna may in fact be counterproductive. Excessive tuna can in fact lead to vitamin E โ€“ a skin health vitamin- deficiency. Also ensure the cat gets a balanced diet that includes other meat as well.
  4. Watch the water: The flaky itchy skin could also be the result of lack of moisture in the skin. The affiliation between felines and water is legendary but drinking enough water is important for the cats to avoid a dry and flaky skin.
  5. Skip the stress: Feline stress is a reality. Cats get upset emotionally with sudden changes in the living environment as they tend to be territorial. Psychological stress can also lead to the persistent dandruff. Try and calm your pet in distress!
  6. Rule out allergies: The very fish that the cats love may also cause skin allergies. Besides, seafood of all kinds is high on mercury, a heavy metal that can be toxic. If your cat eats nothing but fish, itโ€™s time to give its meal a makeover.
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