Roux the Two-Legged Cat is Your New Favorite Thing - Video

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Roux the Two-Legged Cat is Your New Favorite Thing - Video

Ready for your new favorite feline? Meet Roux - the two-legged cat that has taken the internet by storm. Full name Lil’ Bunny Sue Roux, this adorable, spunky kitty has hopped her way into the hearts of thousands of people in just a few weeks, and it is no surprise why.It also doesn’t hurt that her story is touching enough to be a Disney tale.When she was just a kitten, Roux was

surrendered to a shelter

outside New Orleans. The reason was that, because of her being born without front legs, she was unable to bury her poop - an area in which many able-bodied cats are equally inept.Despite her being practically fully functioning outside her inability to push sand over her poop, whoever surrendered her found this one handicap seemingly insurmountable.Lucky for Roux that Jackie Deak Akey, an employee of a nearby vet clinic, found this little bugaboo a trivial detail in the life of a cat who clearly will not be kept down by anything. The very virtue that Roux can feed and look after herself prove her unbreakable spirit. See for yourself!


Let alone the fact that she is capable of crazy stuff like this!


So, whenever you think that life has got you backed into a corner, or that the odds are all stacked against you, just think about Roux and how she overcame adversity and became the high-spirited, fun-loving feline you see in the videos above.No matter how many paws your pet has,


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