Reasons why your dog might be drooling excessively


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Being a pet parent, you must be well aware of the fact that drooling is a natural and healthy bodily function of your beloved canine that uses it for eating and digesting its meals. However, if your furry little friend is slobbering copiously for no apparent reason, there might be cause for concern. To make thing easier for you, we have compiled a list of possible health problems that might be causing hyper salivation in your dog.

Foreign objects in the mouth

If you notice your little pet salivating more than usual, you must first look inside his mouth for any foreign objects that might have accidently entered. You must check his tongue, gums, throat and teeth for objects like cloth, fur, hooks, leaves, shards of bones or splinters and immediately get rid of them. In case, you are not confident enough to do it yourself, you can pay your vet a visit.

Heat Stroke

Primarily the short nosed breeds such as boxers, Boston Terriers, bulldogs and pugs are more susceptible to heat strokes and without access to drinking water, your pet might begin drooling or panting heavily. In order to avoid this, you must always make available clean and fresh water for your dog to cool off in the sweltering heat.

Motion sickness or anxiety

In case your four legged pal is not used to of frequent car rides, he might be susceptible to motion sickness or anxiety when being driven to the vet or elsewhere. If your dog starts panting or hyper salivating whenever he is taken or car trips, you might consider getting him acclimatized to shorter duration trips first and then going on longer rides.

Gum or dental disease

Another reason why your dog might be slobbering excessively can be a possible gum disease such as gingivitis or tartar build-up. Also, a dental issue such as fractured teeth, ulcers and growths might also lead canines to hypersalivate. You must check your petโ€™s teeth for any unusual browning or swelling in the gums and immediately consult your vet for a suitable treatment plan.


Most dogs, when in pain tend to drool harder than usual. From poisoning and bloating to ear infections and urinary tract infections, there can be several causes for your dog to be in pain and you must make sure to get hum checked by a vet in case you notice something off.

Kidney or Liver disease

Excessive drooling of your dog might also be indicative of a possible kidney or liver problem. Although such ailments are fairly treatable in the rudimentary stages, you must immediately consult your vet to avoid the problem from getting aggravated beyond cure.Caution is the key to identifying your dogโ€™s drooling related health problems early and getting them nipped in the bud.

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