Rainy Season Care for Dogs


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If you live in a hot climate, then rains are a cause of joy. The constant flow of water from the heavens act as a respite from the unbearable heat. The world looks like a high-resolution photograph, and it is time to take the dog out for long walks. The rainy season, however, also brings many problems for dogs. For your dog, rains mean not only joy, but also infections, itchy skin, water-borne diseases, and pests. A few simple tips can be effective to keep the dog shining and radiant. As a dog owner, you can do a few things to make sure that the monsoons get to be an enjoyable time for both you and also your dog.

Your dog must be clean

It is vital to keep your dog dry and clean. Yes, you can take your dog to dance in the rain, but after you two return to the house, do wash the dog using warm water and shampoo. The anti-fungal mix is also ideal. This is a must if you two live in the city. The steep pollution levels make the rain acidic and it may harm the skin or coat of your dog. The acidic water must be washed away so that skin diseases and rashes can be prevented. It is a good practice to use plain water to wash. The antimicrobial shampoo fully alleviates any infection risk. Microorganisms like bacteria need a moist and warm environment. This is ideal for reproduction. For bacteria, a fur of any dog during the monsoon is a dream residence. The owner must keep the dog dry and clean. Use a blow dryer or a fresh towel to dry the fur.

Close observation

It is essential to protect the paws of your dog during the rainy season. The pet paws are much more sensitive compared to how they appear. Ensure that your dog's paws are protected when you take the animal out in the rains. Apply a thin layer of paw butter prior to taking out the dog. You can make the paw butter yourself by mixing coconut oil with vaseline. Once the dog is back in the house, wash the paws and dry them thoroughly. There should be no debris or dirt stuck between pads. Inspect your dog's paws for bruises and cuts. Rain washes away sharp metal scraps or glass shards after they do their damage. The dog may have accidentally stepped over them and got hurt. Wounds, if any, should not be ignored. Infection may easily happen. Do check the coat and ears of your dog as frequently as possible, especially if there are tall shrubbery around. Check under the limbs and the neck.

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