Put This in Your Dogโ€™s First-Aid Kit When Going for a Hiking Trip


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If you are planning on going for a hiking trip and you want to take your canine along, you have to pack a first aid kit in your bag. Although canines are resilient and smart, they are just like human beings. During hikes, canines may encounter hazards and get injured. As a responsible canine owner, you need to put these eight things in your dogโ€™s first aid kit when going for a hiking trip.

  1. Bells, lights, and whistlesBells and lights are extremely useful when you are doing night-time treks. During the darker hours, you can fit bells and lights into your canineโ€™s collar so that you can see and hear where it is at all times. If your canine is losing its way, you can blow the whistle to get it back on track.
  2. Food and treatsJust as how you pack extra snacks for emergencies, you need to do the same for your canine. If your canineโ€™s energy begins to drop off or if the trek is taking longer than expected, you can give it some food or doggie treats.
  3. Heavy-duty bandagesMinor cuts and scrapes wonโ€™t hold your canine back while trekking but a deep cut will require immediate first aid. When you want to cover a deep wound, you need to have heavy-duty bandages that will last the entire hike.
  4. PliersYou will never know what you will encounter with during a trek through the woods. Your canine may carry thorns from various bushes or porcupine quills or even the stings from insects. With a plier, you will be able to remove these items without a problem.
  5. Rubber glovesWhen you are trekking, it is most likely that your hands will be dirty due to the environment. If you need to tend to your canineโ€™s injury, you need a clean pair of hands. As you canโ€™t waste precious drinking water to clean your hands, the next best option is to use rubber gloves.
  6. Styptic SwabsThe creator of styptic swabs must have been a canine owner as it is one of the best first aid equipment you can get for your canine. If your canine tears its claws, you can use styptic swabs to stop the bleeding. Just a dab on the cut will seal the area instantaneously.
  7. SalineWhen you go for a trek, there will be a lot of foreign things in your canineโ€™s eye such as dirt, insects, and skunk spray to name a few. A small bottle of saline can be used to clean your canineโ€™s eyes completely.
  8. Water and water bowlCarrying water and water bowl is a must when you are going for a trek. If you want to save on space, you can purchase a collapsible water bowl. Also, always take more water than the actual needs of your canine.

Always put these eight items in your dogโ€™s first aid kit when going for a hiking trip. If you have any queries, please leave a comment below.

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