Protect Your Pet From Fleas to Protect Yourself

Protect Your Pet From Fleas to Protect Yourself

Fleas are terrible pests. In addition to causing your furry friend serious discomfort, they can also carry life-threatening diseases. But did you know that our pets arenโ€™t the only ones affected when fleas enter the picture? Our bodies and homes are at risk, too. Here are four reasons to protect your pet from fleas so you can protect yourself, too.

1. Fleas Can Bite Us

While itโ€™s true that fleas prefer animal blood, they will bite a human if the opportunity presents itself. And if your pet has fleas, the opportunity often does. Flea bites usually occur around the feet and ankles, but can also show up around the waist, armpits, groin, breasts, or in the folds of the knees or elbows. The bites appear as small, red bumps, and for most people, are


itchy. Some people are less sensitive to flea bites and may have only mild irritation or no irritation at all, but for those who experience itching, the sensation can be unbearable.

2. Flea Bites Can Cause Secondary Problems

Fleas can easily pass on diseases to pets, but for humans, the risk of contracting a disease from a flea is relatively low. Still, flea bites can cause other problems, such as scarring and infection if you scratch to the point of breaking the skin.

3. Fleas Can Take Over The House

Imagine sitting down on the couch to enjoy your favorite TV show when suddenly -- eek! A flea jumps onto your arm. Or perhaps worse, you have guests over, and you notice a flea creeping along your friendโ€™s shoulder. These are not extreme scenarios; when fleas infest your home, they really take over. Fleas lay eggs on your pet (as many as 50 in one day!), and as your pet moves around the house, those eggs disperse. Once this process is in action, it can be incredibly difficult to get rid of fleas.

4. Fleas Can Take Over The Yard

Your yard should be a place where you can catch a breath of fresh air, let the dog out to play, or have friends over for a BBQ. It shouldnโ€™t be a place crawling with blood-thirsty pests. But if your petย brings fleas home from the dog park,ย kennel, or neighborhood, it can easily become that. Fleas love to post up around trees and in garden beds, prepared to pounce on the first warm-blooded creature that crosses their path. While itย 


possible to eradicate fleas from your yard, itโ€™s just as difficult as removing them from your home.

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