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Rarely in the history of planet earth was the air so deadly, Not only humans, animals are at risk. It is important that you protect your canine from air pollution. When it comes to dogs and other pets, air pollution is much more life-threatening. This is because animals are more susceptible to foreign particulates in the air. Most at risk are animals living in high traffic areas. Pets in the central part of cities are at risk of exposure to gasoline exhaust. Animals in rural areas are not safe either as they regularly encounter herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides.

Decrease in life quality

Air pollution is now alarmingly high. This pollution has multiple sources. Industrial factories, vehicular pollution, and even crop burning contribute to the deadly cocktail our pets (and we) breathe. Constant exposure to the toxic air has accelerated respiratory illnesses in pets. Common problems associated with smog include throat, asthma, and nose illnesses. Bronchitis is another problem.Do remember that pets can easily contract a number of respiratory issues and a number of allergies due to large quantities of pollutants and smoke present in the air. The life quality of pets, like humans, will go south if the residence is located near polluting factories or where things are regularly burned. Your pets will suffer seizures if they inhale toxins. The list of toxin generators includes lead poisoning, car exhaust, and industrial pollution.It is within your power to protect your pet from the scourge of urban pollution, bring home indoor plants like money plant, bamboo plant, and areca palm, or any other plant which is suitable to grow in your geographical area. These plants will act as natural air purifiers. Your pets will be happy to see these plants as well. If you do not like plants, then install air-conditioners and air-purifiers. These machines circulate fresh air supplies.

ย Times of the day

Do not smoke indoors. Better stop smoking altogether. When you smoke, your pet second-hand smokes as well. Both of you runs an increased risk of contracting respiratory infections. In case your pet displays any sign of suffering from the respiratory problem, take it to the bet at the earliest opportunity. Do be aware of air quality where you live, where you work and the path you commute. On particularly bad days, do indoor exercise sessions with the pet.If your pet loves to be outdoors, go outside when air pollution is low. Download the requisite app in your smartphone and walk with your pet as per the results displayed on the screen. Do not exercise the pet during peak traffic times. Do home cleaning using natural products like essential oils and baking soda. Avoid industrial chemical solvents. All of these will protect your pet.

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