Prevent Tear Stains

Prevent Tear Stains

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Dogs with white coats at some point in their lives develop ugly red-brownish stains below their eyes. These tear stains are not only unsightly, but they also distract from the handsome nature of the animal. Tear stains are also found in-between toes and around the muzzles. There could be multiple causes for this phenomenon, including health issues, eye shape, puppy teething, allergies, blocked tear-ducts, and ear infection. If you see your dog suffering from tear stains, consult your veterinarian and possibly a veterinary ophthalmologist. The correct cause can only be ascertained with an expert eye.

Premium foods

It is important to prevent tear stains rather than curing them. Good quality food is essential to prevent tear stains. Most experts agree that you should give your dog premium quality, grain free meals. Inferior cheap dog meals have corn and wheat as fillers. These may cause allergic reactions, leading to excess tearing along with other problems. The quality of water intake is also essential. Dogs should drink reverse-osmosis or purified or distilled water. Bottled water suitable for human consumption is not ideal for canines.

Proper grooming

Do not forget to face groom your dog every day. It can be a quick affair, but essential. Use the correct dog eye-wash to flush the eyes. These could eye drops or eye-wash solutions. To do this, moisten any clean cotton ball with a contact lens solution or appropriate eyewash and rub around or below the area of the eye. You can make the cleaning solution at home, or you can buy a readymade one from the veterinarian. If you want to concoct the solution yourself, take one tablespoon of boric acid powder an boil it in a cup filled with distilled water. Refrigerate the solution and make a fresh batch every week. Wash your dog's muzzle hair with waterless shampoo or dry shampoo. Use a wet washcloth. A good alternative is to use a three percent hydrogen peroxide solution on paper towel. Comb the hair and blow dry it after the procedure. Do trim the hair around the eyes so that the eye is not irritated resulting in tear stains.

You can keep the โ€œmoistโ€ areas of the dog dry. Give water in glass water bottles instead of bowls or use a sufficient number of paper towels to absorb excess water which wets the area around the canine's mouth after it drinks from a water bowl. You can also dust cornstarch below the eye and around the muzzle. It can also be applied in-between the toes. Food additives can surprisingly be of help in such matters. You can add buttermilk powder or organic apple cider vinegar to meals to stop the occurrence of tear stains.

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