Preparing Your Resident Pets Before Welcoming A Foster Pet


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If you own a pet and want to bring another pet to your home, then it is vital you keep the focus on the needs of your existing pet. Common sense dictates you bring a pet compatible with the existing one. For example, you will find it difficult to persuade your senior cat to be friendly with a newly introduced kitten. The pet's size and gender also play an important role.

Separate pet belongings

You need to be an accomplished diplomat if you already have a cat and want to buy a dog or vice versa. If you are really desperate for a new pet, be prepared to spend extra money for the new pet's toys. Do not expect the pets to share their belongings. You need to buy new beddings and feeding bowls. Whatever you do, pay more attention to your first pet than the second one. Introduction of a new pet makes for a binary result: either the two get along together or prepare for daily fights.It is important that you keep your attention and affections more for the older pet. The older one was-and is- your loyal companion for long, and it deserves to spend the rest of its life in total comfort and peace. A few older pets take kindly to younger of their species, but most do not. If you decide to adopt another pet of the same species, the new pet must not be bigger in size than the older one. If this happens, the new one may bully the older, smaller dog or cat. Ideally, the new pet should be of the opposite sex as they tend to get along better than animals of the same sex. The personalities of the two dogs must also be the same.

Bring home compatible age and species

If the older pet is a cat, get a dog. An older feline will not accept its younger species under any circumstances. Cats gel if they are adopted young as siblings. Even then, cats develop relationship problems. Ensure that the new dog is a gentle one and accepting of cats. When you introduce your new dog to your older cat, it must be done on the cat's terms. The feline must have spaces which the dog is unable to access. Use small gates or any other barrier to stop the dog from accessing the areas which your cat likes to laze in.The above rules also apply when you introduce a new kitten to an older dog. This pairing has one advantage though: dogs are much more sociable compared to cats and the meeting has a much better chance of going well. Do prepare a space for your kitty before you bring it home. This room will help the cat to be alone until the time she settles into her brand new life.

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