Planning to Get a New Puppy? Here's How to Choose the Right Breed



If you're on the market for a new puppy, you've probably been scrolling through adorable puppy pictures online, convinced each one is cuter than the last. But to really make sure you get the right dog for your lifestyle, you'll want to consider their size, exercise needs, and personalities. Take a look at our dog breed guides to learn all about:

Shih-TzuThe Best City Dog Breeds

Small dogs like

Shih Tzus



can be more suited to city life, but

Golden Retrievers

make the list, too -- find out why.  

Yorkshire-TerrierThe Best Dog Breeds for Older People

Not really looking to paint the town red all the time anymore? These dogs, like the




, will enjoy a more laid-back lifestyle.  

Golden-RetrieverThe Best Dog Breeds for Children

These dogs love to play and have the patience to do it with small children.



Golden Retrievers

are leading the pack in this bunch.  

Australian-ShepherdThe 7 Dog Breeds that Need the Most Exercise

Take on these breeds only if you love outdoor time, and lots of it. These dogs can run with the best of them, and will fit right into your active lifestyle, like the


and the

Australian Shepherd

BeagleLow-Maintenance Dogs

These pups are fairly low on the spectrum of needy. All dogs need love and proper care, but these breeds will have less trouble keeping themselves company if you have to be away, and aren't demanding in the exercise department. Check out the




, and more. 

Rat-Terrier7 of the Longest Living Dog Breeds

While nothing in life is certain, if you're after a dog who's more likely to be with you for years and years to come, you may want to place your bets on one of these dogs, like the

Rat Terrier

or the

Tibetan Spaniel

, who have average lifespans well into the teens.

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