Pets and Halloween Safety 5 Tips to Ensure a Safe Halloween for Your Pet

Pets and Halloween Safety

Halloween can be a fun time for pets and pet parents, but it can also be dangerous. Keep it all treat and no trick with these top safety tips.

Fire flickering through carved Jack-O-Lanterns, sweets teeming over the edge of your goodie bag, a menagerie of costumed characters strolling past you on the street; yes, something wicked this way comes! But before you wrap Rover in a pumpkin jumpsuit remember this, the same things we often look forward to most on Halloween can seem frightening to pets and may prove to be dangerous as well. But don’t dismay – by taking just a few precautions you can share one of your favorite holidays with your pets and make sure they have a safe and exciting time.

We check IDs - ID tags and microchips keep your pet safe

Between the constant opening and closing of the door and all the excitement in the house and on the block, it is fairly common for cats and dogs to pull a runner, to try to get away from all the action. If your pet does escape, having a collar with an ID tag, or better yet, a microchip, will greatly increase the odds of finding them.

Sugar rush - bad for people, worse for dogs 

For cats and dogs chocolate is a definite no-no, as is anything containing Xylitol. But sugar should be limited in general as it can still cause a stomachache and enforce unhealthy habits for your pet. Better to stock up on some dog or cat treats and give them out to your pet and others making the rounds.

Fire and wires and lights, oh my!

Any holiday that features lots of candles and lights has to be closely monitored by pet parents. Cats are particularly at risk with candles because of their tendency to explore. Dogs, the curious chewers of the pet world, need to be kept away from wires which can cause burns or electrical shock when chewed.

Costumes for dogs  

Dressing your kids in the latest blockbuster movie costume is kind of cute but transforming your cat or dog into a pirate is downright adorable. Just remember, don’t sacrifice your pet’s comfort for a chuckle. To ensure your pet’s costume is comfortable have them try it on prior to the big night and gauge their reaction – if they’re trying to tear it off it’s no good. If your trick-or-treater is not feeling the sunglasses and leather jacket then settle for a nice bandanna around their neck.

Aahhh, people are scary

Your cat or dog might be used to people but that doesn’t mean they are used to people dressed as swamp monsters or masked vigilantes. The most important thing to remember about ensuring your pet’s safety is to monitor their behavior and make sure they are comfortable throughout the evening.

With a little bit of care you can ensure a spookily magical evening for your pets and set a happy precedent for years to come. So here’s wishing you a Happy Halloween, pet parents, and if you happen to have a black cat sit back and relax – your decorations are covered.

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