PetCareRx Tools - Pet Parenthood, Made Easy

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PetCareRx Tools - Pet Parenthood, Made Easy

Here at PetCareRx we know how important your pet's health is to you, but that things can be a bit confusing when it comes to caring for them. We've developed these tools to take the confusion out of pet care.

At PetCareRx, we know how important your pet’s life is to you, and we're here to make the process of protecting your pet as effortless and fun as loving your pet can be. That’s why we developed tools to help you streamline the process of pet care. Read more about our latest tools below.

1. The Flea and Tick Map and Threat Tracker [DEPRECATED]


First you’ll see a tab on the left that shows where and when fleas are most active, and to the right you’ll see a tab that lets you know what kind of ticks your pet will be up against. If you enter your zip code, the tool will display your area’s Flea & Tick threat level both right now and throughout the year.

2. The Heartworm Map and Threat Tracker [DEPRECATED]


Enter your zip code on this heartworm tracker tool to generate your dog's threat level in your neck of the woods, right now. You'll also get a look at past data and learn more about heartworm disease and prevention.

Stay tuned for more pet care tools, coming soon!

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