Orthopedic Bed For your Senior Cat

Orthopedic Bed For your Senior Cat

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Your cat needs an orthopedic bed if it's age is more then seven years. You will find it to move slower and the agile jumps it did effortlessly once now few and far between. It makes excellent sense to offer her an orthopedic bed which alleviates the pressure points. Your cat will be extremely comfortable. A few orthopedic bed models are also outfitted with a heat source. This gives the arthritic cat much more comfort. Such a bed also increases the circulation.It is common knowledge that cats prefer to be enclosed. A few cat beds have a covering similar to hoods. This provides a cat with privacy and security. A thing to be cautioned against is that the bed must be free of chemicals and should have dense interior. Better bed quality means the cat will spend some more time on it.

Reasons for your cat needing its special bed

Older cats develop joint problems. This makes getting up and also down more and more difficult with age. Obese or overweight animals suffer greater stress on joints. This leads to the development of arthritis even more earlier in a cat's life. The painful joints (independent of cause) could benefit from the extra padding and also warmth as offered by the specially engineered cat beds. Older cats can gain much happiness when it gets a comfortable place to rest their bones.

Describing the orthopedic cat bed

The construction of the bed depends on individual brands. A typical construction of such pet beds consists of thick padding. This padding conforms to the body of the cat. Denser padding or foam means a better ability of bed to cushion joints and also eliminate the pressure points. This factor can be extremely important in those animals who are incapable to get up by themselves. This kind of bed prevents the occurrence of bed sores.A few types of orthopedic beds are even built similar to a mattress. They have coil inner springs. These springs are covered by padded surface. Thicker bed means that the cat can find it much easier to get off and on without the need to crouch down facing the floor. Since the bed is off the floor, it will help to stop the cold surfaces from making contact with the body of the cat.

Extra features

A few specialized coverings are made from waterproof materials which resists saturation in case the older cat suffers from incontinence. The coverings must be removable. They must be washed when needed to do so. A few-and more expensive- orthopedic cat beds come with heat source. This gives arthritic ridden cats increased comfort by increasing the circulation. Greater circulation means less pain and stiffness. Healing will also happen much quicker.

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