Neutered dogs and dementia


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Neutering your dog is not a mandatory procedure. Some owners do it, a few do not. This procedure, if done, brings a number of benefits to you, the owner. The dog will not be overly aggressive. Its hostile behavior will also be much reduced. In fact, this is the primary reason people neuter dogs.

Advantage and disadvantage

When you neuter a male dog, you reduce its chances of suffering from testicular cancer and prostate disorders. If you own a female dog, the probability of uterine infections will be reduced. There will also be zero unwanted pregnancies. The procedure, however, has many downsides as well. Health complications post neutering are common. Your dog could become obese and develop brain cancer.Neutering may also lead to dementia in dogs. Cognitive impairments are especially observed in male dogs. Cognition in this context refers to mental process linked with consciousness, memory, and learning. This is mostly observed in senior dogs. Better veterinary medicines mean an increase in dog lifespans with the accompanying increase of dogs suffering from dementia. Neutering a dog increases its chances of having dementia during the autumn period of his life.It is important to fix the correct spaying or neutering age of the dog prior to carrying out the neutering procedure. It is found that the right age of castrating is important. The time of procedure has equal importance with the surgery. Do consult the veterinarian before you make any decision concerning your dog.Experts discovered that castrated dogs showed greater house training loss, a sure sign of cognitive impairments. Considerable disparities are observed between neutered and non-neutered dogs on matters of disease evolution. Non-neutered dogs are much healthier than their castrated counterparts. A castrated male is more at risk compared to spayed females. The neutering process does not affect a dog's hearing or its vision.

Alzheimer's in dogs

Like humans, dogs also exhibit Alzheimer's disease-like behavior. The canine brain shows beta-amyloid plaques. This cluster is said to start Alzheimer's disease as it kills the nerve cells in the brain. This happens due to the sexual hormones present in the dog. Testosterone, protect male dogs from dementia in their old age. Estrogen, found in females, improves memory and cognition. Neutering significantly reduces sexual hormone levels in dogs, thus making them vulnerable to dementia. There will be greater deposits of beta-amyloid plaques. It is apparent there is a requirement of alternative methods of fertility control.Veterinarians have proposed that the glands which generate sexual hormones be left intact in the neutering process. You could also push your dog through hormonal replacement therapy. These abilities are vital for working dogs like disabled-assistant dogs, and police dogs. These professional dogs are highly reliant on cognitive abilities to perform tasks.

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