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Pet parents all over know that one particular fear--that something will happen to your beloved companion, and the bill for surgery or treatment will be too much. Or maybe it's not even something so drastic; with the economy forcing many families to make tough financial decisions, simply paying for dog food may become an impossible expense.

It's a scenario, however, that just might bring out the best in people. Here's what one intrepid Massachusetts dog parent did to make an incredible difference.

Marlo Manning's Dream

Marlo Manning and her husband had to put down their dog in 2009. Ladybug had suffered from several medical issues throughout her life, but Manning knew that Ladybug's life had been prolonged and enriched by the medical care her family was able to give her. Manning wanted to donate the prescription pills they had left over to people who needed them. The family veterinarian helped to make that happen, but Manning saw a larger need, and knew she could help.

In March 2009, Manning launched Fairy Dogparents, aย 501c3 nonprofit organization that gives assistance to dogs with food, medical, and wellness needs in Massachusetts.ย They've since sponsored almost 400 dogs who were in danger of being surrendered to shelters because their parents could no longer afford their care.

"People really do want to help," Manning says of the donations that keep the organization going. And is it any wonder? One look at the sponsor dogs they've cared for will melt your heart. You can donate or volunteer to help out, or if you're a Massachusetts pet parent in need of assistance, apply for help.

Looking Forward

The organization supports only dogs, and only operates in Massachusetts for now, but we think this fantastic idea will pave the way for similar organizations. Maybe you're inspired to start something like this in your own neighborhood.

We think it's a shining example of a way to add love to the world, don't you?

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