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A lot of misconceptions abound when it comes to international traveling with dogs. These are present both in outbound (taking your dog out of the country) or inbound (arriving with your dog). If you wish to do either one of them, it is essential you consult a veterinarian who has in-depth experience with such bureaucratese. The person will not only instruct you how to do it but also calm your fears. If you are coming into the country, then the procedure is simple, the dog must have a rabies shot before it went to a foreign country. This shot should be given 30 days before departure. It is compulsory for dogs to undergo a rabies vaccination course. Some countries have a harder process. You need to show all the documentation. Blood samples are a must.

Diseases and government policies

If you are relocating to another country, and worry about exposing the dog to new diseases, it is recommended that you consult your veterinarian concerning the animal diseases in your would-be home. Go online and do research. Take your findings to the veterinarian to put your fears at rest. The process becomes more comfortable if you plan beforehand.

Do remember that government policies in your new country may not be the same as your existing one. You have to navigate an entirely different web of rules. Those experienced in moving with animals across borders recommend a pet relocation service. Yes, they are expensive, but worth it as you can enjoy peace of time and nor run around from one government department to another. If you want to do the documentation yourself, then it is recommended that you contact the embassy of your existing country in the new one. Most of the time, the embassy staff have already done the procedure and became adept at doing the same. Do look at various websites which state the better pet relocation services to go for. Some people are frequent flyers with their dogs and are experts in navigating animal control and customs, and they give proper, practical advice. If you are relocating with your family, let the dog go separately with the pet relocation service company. It means less headache for you.

Airline trouble If you do not opt for pet relocation services, the biggest hurdle when it comes to moving your dog is the documentation. There is also the whims of airline policies. A few allow dogs to sit with you in the cabin while others insist that the animal be transported in the hold. Search for flights with minimum transfers. There is a chance that your dog may get lost while changing planes. Do put in adequate amounts of food and water in the crate your dog will be transported in.

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