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If you have nothing to do at home, why not spend some quality time with your cat? Both you and your cat will be delighted to be in the company of each other. All you simply need is a comfortable sofa, a soft blanket, and a delightful movie playing on the home entertainment system. Do not forget that cats are discerning animals and will not settle for a lousy movie. The film must be hip and classy as well. Most of all, it must feature lots of cool, smart cats.

Both cat lovers and cats are known to lap up a few movies more than the others. These movies invariably have a cat in a leading role or play an essential part in the film. Do not turn your noses at animated films. The scripts are not as childish at all. It is important that all films must be classy.

Batman Returns

This film is more than a caped crusader film. It has a woman brought back from the dead by a few cats. She then utilizes her newfound powers to make herself a Catwoman who also appears to operate on the wrong side of the law. Michelle Pfieffer, who plays the role surpasses herself when playing the powerful, alluring cat. If you love strong women in black, tight leather, go for the film!

A Cat in Paris

This is a beautifully done 2012 made an animated feature about a cat who for some reason, lives two lives. The film is so good that the Academy nominated it for the Best Animated Feature the same year. The film can only be described as spectacular. The movie's main character is a Paris resident cat, who during day time is a well-behaved housecat and after night falls, becomes a burglar's assistant. The film has everything- love, suspense, comedy, and danger.

Alice in Wonderland

This features the one and only Cheshire Cat. There are so many versions of this tale that you and your cat can spend an entire week seeing them all. To see the film to the best possible enjoyment, make a huge pot of tea and a plate laden with your favorite biscuits. Do not forget to wear the silliest hat you own and loll on the sofa with your kitty for a few hours of dreamy adventure.

Milo and Otis

This is a heartwarming tale of an Orange tabby cat named Milo along with his Otis, a fawn colored pug dog. Milo is naturally curious and Otis follows close behind. Together they find love and raise a family. The cat and the dog also help each other out when needed to do so. This is a big and warm movie.

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