Managing feral kittens

Managing feral kittens

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Feral cats are cats without homes. They are usually born wild. Some are former pets which were abandoned by their owners or become lost. Technically they are wild animals. Those feral cats which were once owned could be tamed with a little patience. A feral kitten could be turned into a well-behaved cat if caught early.

Taming the kitty

The process of taming kittens could last from two weeks to six weeks. This depends on the age of the cat and its wildness. Kittens of the same litter could be radically different from one another. A few kittens could take a long time taming. If you are tasked with such an animal, patience is the key. The taming process is a worthwhile one. The end result is a loving and affectionate companion.The containment process for taming a wild kitten has multiple stages. These include containment in pet carrier followed by a brief and periodic handling using a protective towel. The kitten then gets transferred to a small room. It is then exposed to other humans, and when it is โ€œpreparedโ€ get placed in an adoptive home.

First stage

The first containment stage will see the kitten hissing when it sees humans. This happens as it is terrified of us. The kitten will think of you as a predator and try to escape whenever it sees any chance. The baby may think it is necessary to fight for its life. Get the kitten checked by a veterinarian. It must be free of any disease before you bring the kitten home. If you do bring it to your residence, keep it locked inside a roomy cage apart from any other pets in the house. Keep it isolated from the other cats and wear gloves while handling it.

Building trust

Do not try to handle the kitten during the first couple of days. The kitten must feel it can trust you. Place food, water, and bedding inside the cage. In case you have no cage, keep them in a small room. Place the litter box in the room and do not forget to leave open the carrier door so that the kitten can get inside the box. A few give the kittens their own clothing as beds to make them used to human smells.Post two days, place a towel over the kitten and pick it up. In case the kitten continues to be calm, pet it gently on its back. Do not approach from the front. Kittens get frightened if a hand suddenly comes seemingly from nowhere. Imitate its mother's action by using soft pet brush. It will enable the kitten to transfer its parental love towards you. Ensure that the kitten is free from any flea infestation.

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