Making Monthly Resolutions With Your Pets

Making Monthly Resolutions With Your Pets

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Now that we're past the hangover from new year's resolutions, let's talk about the resolutions that actually work, monthly resolutions. Before you pick up the phone and ask your friend if they want to try out these resolutions with you, why not make a resolutions pact with someone at your home, your very own pet? Here are three interesting monthly resolutions that you can make with your pet.

Eating right

Can't seem to follow through that diet? Get your pet on board and start a healthy diet, so you stay motivated to follow it through. You can try cutting down on unnecessary snacking and same goes for your pet. Make sure you have set meal times for your pet and feed him only measured amounts. Table scraps are a bad idea; those seemingly harmless titbits that you feed your pet could be harmful, as some foods that are seen to be normal for humans can be toxic for dogs. Yes, even something as simple as onions can be toxic. Also, make sure that you get more nutrition in your diets. The nutritional requirements of pets vary based on their age and breed. Be sure to check with your vet about what specific

vitamins and supplements

your pet need to stay healthy, so you can accordingly plan their diet.


Is your gym membership card rusting away in your pocket? Taking your pet for walks is probably the best exercise that you can get. Make sure you have an exercise schedule for your pet every day, whether it is taking a stroll or chasing each other up and down the stairs, whatever works for you. You can burn some calories and bond with your pet.


is another great way to stay active. You can even train your pet so they can compete in agility competitions.

Trying new things

You can break out of your monotonous everyday routine and try out new things with your pet. From the good old dog-friendly hikes to the new-age doga (a form yoga that you can perform with your dog), the options are endless. It can give your pet a chance to explore new things, while also letting you enjoy some quality bonding time with each other. Did we mention that it's a great way for pets, and you, to socialize? You can also take him to the dog park; he will love it if he is a social dog and is in a single-pet home. This can also be a good way to establish social manners and good behavior in your pet.Have you tried out any of these resolutions with your pet yet? Let us know how it goes!

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