Make Sure You're Ready for Flea and Tick Season!



Our pets look to us for protection and care, and with

flea and tick season

on the way, that means it's time to start stocking up and brushing up on the supplies and knowledge you'll need.Spring may still seem like a long ways away in some parts of the country, but when warmer weather hits, those pesky fleas and ticks will be jumping at the chance to jump on your pets!Here's what you need to know to make sure your pets are protected.

Why is flea and tick prevention important?

Fleas are not only gross and make your pets itch, they can also carry serious diseases. Did you know that fleas can

carry tapeworms, cause dermatitis, and even carry the plague

? (Yes, that plague!) Ticks are nothing to sneeze at, either: they can

cause Lyme disease, paralysis, and other nasty diseases

. Fleas can even move from your pets to you, and start biting.

How can I protect my pet?

The good new is that it's easy to protect your pet!


ย andย 


flea and tick treatments are safe, effective, and simple to use.

Compare the top flea and tick products


What about my cat?

Cats, even indoor cats, can also get fleas or ticks. If your dog tracks them inside, or if a tick gets a ride on your shoe, they could end up on your cat.Luckily,

spot-on treatments, collars, and other protection for cats

are easy to use as well.So don't forget to

get your protection today

. And remember, most veterinarians recommend year-round flea and tick protection. You don't want to take any chances!

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