Lesser-Known All-American Dog Breeds That Are Actually Interesting


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Dogs come in different shapes and sizes. They can range from an angry potato to an adorable giant. They vary in size, color, ability etc. Most people go for the most known dog breeds when theyโ€™re adopting. But there are lesser known breeds that are just as interesting. Here are a few you should get to know better.

  1. American EskimoThis all white dog has no link whatsoever to Eskimo cultures. The breed was developed in America itself and started gaining attention in traveling circuses during 1800s. The American Eskimo has pointy ears, a double coat, and a curling, plumed tail. They come in three fun sizes. Although they werenโ€™t very recognized in the previous years, theyโ€™ve started attracting more attention to themselves because of the cuteness and loyalty factor. This is one dog you wonโ€™t regret getting to know.
  2. The Chesapeake Bay RetrieverThis breed comes with a rather interesting origin story. Its ancestors were two Newfoundland puppies who had survived a shipwreck. The shipwreck happened in 1807, off the coast of Maryland. The black female and red male puppies progressed to be exceptional retrievers and their caretakers bred them alongside hunting dogs.The Chesapeake Bay retriever is affectionate as well as loyal. Although theyโ€™re stubborn, they love to socialize and get along with people. Heโ€™s very protective of whatโ€™s his and is most distinguishable by his waterproof coat which feels oily to the touch.
  3. PlottPlotts are relentless hunters. Itโ€™s even the state dog of North Carolina! The hunt had been first used to hunt really big game. This breed has an abundance of determination and courage. They used to bring bears and wild boars to their knees. The Plott breed is usually distinguished by coloring, which is a brindled variation of brown and black. These brave and strong dogs deserve love and affection just like all other pooches.
  4. American Hairless TerriersThe hairless terriers have a lot to offer us. This breed makes an exceptional pet from families with children, and they even get along swimmingly with other pets โ€“ even felines. Although theyโ€™re a bit feisty, theyโ€™re also easy to train and practically fearless. They are affectionate and playful, and make amazing watch dogs.
  5. Rat TerriersThe rat terrier is a mixture of numerous different breeds. Rat terriers are a mixture of European terriers, beagles, whippets, toy fox terriers, and Italian greyhounds. Rat terriers can do almost anything! They are highly capable and loving. They can hunt vermin, be a compassionate lap dog, and even a friendly presence in the house. Theyโ€™re an inquisitive breed with a lot to offer. Theyโ€™re even easy to care for with their short and smooth coat and inquisitive, care-free attitude.
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