Large Dogs That Don't Shed Lots to Love but Little to Clean

Large Dogs That Don't Shed

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Big dogs don't always have to be a big mess. These are a few large breed dogs that don't require you to buy a super powered vacuum. Here is a list of some dogs that don't shed much.

You might not expect to find any large dogs that don't shed, but there are several big breeds that have a very slow-growing and predictable coat. While all dogs with fur shed, these dogs are less likely to shed so noticeably.

While shedding may be low, grooming for these big dogs can become quite a chore. Large dogs take a long time to brush or strip thoroughly, and since these dogs can't shed away their problems, hair and dirt can get trapped in their fur, causing painful mats. Ensure you take the time to maintain your dog's coat and you may never worry about shedding again.

poodle-dogStandard Poodle

You may not have realized Poodles could come in extra-large, but these curly retrievers can please in any size. Like smaller Poodles, the Standard Poodle has thick fur which may require professional grooming to manage. Then, regular brushing and bathing should be enough home maintenance to keep a Poodle looking their best.

Airedale-TerrierAiredale Terrier

These giant British Terriers have a special double-coat: soft fur underneath but a coarse top coat that requires regular brushing and annual hand-stripping to keep it clean. These smart dogs have historically been used as police dogs and rodent-hunting dogs.



Bouvier-des-FlandersBouvier des Flandres

This breed has a longer black coat that requires trimming several times a year to keep clean. It can be difficult to wash and rinse thoroughly because of the thickness of the coat, so it's best to only bathe when necessary. If you can brush your Flandres weekly and keep fur from getting too long around the paws, you'll enjoy time with this strong, active, and beautiful dog.


Giant-SchnauzerGiant Schnauzer

Not everyone wants a miniature, but almost everyone loves a Schnauzer. Like the smaller versions, the Giant Schnauzer needs to be trimmed every month or so, but only requires periodic brushing and stripping as long as the fur is kept short. These dogs need a lot of exercise and they love to protect their pet parents from danger.


Irish-Water-SpanielIrish Water Spaniel

This curly haired dog is the largest of the Spaniels, and as the name suggests, these dogs love swimming with their waterproof coat and webbed feet. This dog's thick curls need to be brushed weekly to keep from matting and trimmed every few months to clean up and shape the fur. Although these dogs love to please their pet parents and are easy to train, they need exercise every day to stay happy.

Black-Russian-TerrierBlack Russian Terrier

Now if you want a really big dog, you can bring one of these Eurasian working dogs into your home. Black Russian Terriers learn quickly, can be protective of their family, and need a lot of attention and exercise. That said, their coarse double coat doesn't require much maintenance aside from periodic brushing and trimming a few times per year.



These sheepdogs almost look like sheep and don't require any brushing—talk about easy grooming! The Komondor's coarse white coat is divided into dreadlocks, so there's nothing to brush, and the cords require infrequent trimming. The downside is that with white fur, these dogs need to be bathed often and they also take a very long time to dry.



How PetPlus Can Help

Just because they don't shed, doesn't mean they're impervious to fleas and ticks. Since they are big, they need an appropriate dosage, so be sure to check your dog's weight before administering a flea medication. For instance, Revolution for dogs 41 to 85 lbs is good for fairly large breeds such as German Shepherds and Labradors but not for really big dogs. Giant dogs may need the 86 to 130 lbs dosage. To keep your dog protected and healthy, sign up for PetPlus. With all the preventative and treatment medications your dog could ever need, like Rimadyl (or Carprofen) and at a fraction of the price offered elsewhere, PetPlus is a must have for any pet parent that wants to keep their pet healthy.

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  • disenwit

    11/3/2013 2:56:07 PM

    The mutts are the best... and the least likely to have the problems that all the purebred/inbred breeds have... no intelligence tests required, just a good friend.

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