Know How to Include Dogs in the Pool Area

Know How to Include Dogs in the Pool Area

Know How to Include Dogs in the Pool Area
Know How to Include Dogs in the Pool Area

Pet parents can have an easier time than dogs beating the summer heat when the temperature climbs into the upper 90s, such asย taking cold showers or turning up the air conditioning. But most canines are left to pant heavily and slurp water from their

dog bowls

to cool themselves down after a long day.One Maryland city decided to throw the area's dogs a bone to relax and avoid the September humidity.The Baltimore Sun reported that the Westminster Municipal Pool in Carroll County hosted its second Pooch Pool Party on Sept. 3, 2014. The event was open to dogs of all sizes and ages, allowing them to experience a swimย in the public pool or lounge around the swimming area. For some, it was their first time ever taking a dip."I don't think she knows what to do!" said Valerie Witt, as her Goldendoodle Gracie edged along the water near the side of the pool to the steps. "She's all puppy. She has boundless energy."However, other canines felt more comfortable frolicking in the water, such as chocolate Labrador retriever Nyla. She jumped straight into the pool once her owner, Christopher Orwig, tossed her toy in.While granted unfettered access to the local swimming area, the pool did include a few rules to ensure safety of all the dogs. All canines were checked for current rabies tags and owners were told that overly aggressive pooches wouldn't be allowed to participate. Other than those stipulations, pups were free to enjoy the open areas around the pool, playing fetch and running with one another.To prepare for the event, the city closed the swimming area on Labor day and cleaned the entire pool before and after the dogs' arrival. The chlorine levels were closely monitored the day of the party, as the chemical needs to be very low so as to not harm dogs.

Bringing dogs into the pool area

Although it may not be for everyone, many families can enjoy letting their furry friends join in on pool time. According to Cesar's Way,

swimming is one the best physical exercises for dogs

and can be psychologically calming as well. Therefore, it's suggested that owners swimming with their four-legged companions can be mutually beneficial.However, it's important to know the pros and cons of allowing your pet into the pool. River Pools and Spas explained that

swimming areas with vinyl liners

are out of the question for pet parents. The family pooch's nailsย can tear into or puncture the structure, potentially leading to major leaks and high maintenance expenses. Yet, fiberglass and concrete pools are rarely going to get damaged by a dog. In addition, depending on the size of the dog, a sufficient number of steps might be required to ease entries and exits.The chemical components of the pool water are also important to the safety of the family canine. Too much chlorine can cause eye irritation,

dog ear infections

and discoloration of the fur. Today, saltwater systems are becoming increasingly popular among pool owners. These types of chemicals are less harmful toย both dogs and humans alike, producing a low level of chlorine that's easier on the skin.Owners might also be concerned about the state of their filtration systems, as dog hair is much harsher on filters than human's. However, by simply upping the frequency of their maintenance, pet parents can ensure that their dog enjoys the pool without causing any significant damage.Allowing your dog to swim in your pool will ultimately be up to your own discretion. But by joining


, pet parents can have access to discounted accessories that can help keep their canines cool during the final weeks of summer.


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